A floating LNG terminal is already in Emshavn this summer

A floating LNG terminal is already in Emshavn this summer

The floating LNG installation site is still in Singapore. This will be transferred to the Netherlands in May.

second station

The terminal, named S188, is owned by the Belgian shipping company Exmar and has been leased for five years. A Gasunie spokesperson doesn’t want to say exactly how much is involved, but a second stop is also being considered.

Since Minister Rob Getten (Climate and Energy) announced in March that the Netherlands wants to speed up the shutdown of gas production from Russia, Gasunie has been seriously looking at alternatives. About 15 percent of the gas consumed here comes from Russia via pipelines.

Reduce gas 600 times

LNG is gas that is liquefied by ships before it is transported. This makes it 600 times smaller and can transport much more. At its destination, it must then be converted back into gas that can enter gas pipelines.

An LNG terminal is required for this, as Gasunie has now ordered. Another LNG terminal is located in the Netherlands, which is located in the port of Rotterdam. By renting a floating platform, the capacity can be increased quickly.


The floating terminal has a capacity of four billion cubic meters of gas. Jasoni said the goal is to build another storage vessel next to which the capacity could be increased to eight billion.

The Netherlands burns about forty billion cubic meters of gas every year. So six billion of that (15 percent) is Russian. But the Netherlands also trades in a lot of gas, so it needs more. Last year, 48 billion cubic meters of gas were purchased from Russia’s Gazprom.

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In addition to the floating terminal, the existing LNG terminal in Rotterdam in the Netherlands should also be expanded. In the meantime, it remains to be seen whether there will be enough LNG to be sourced next fall.

All of Europe wants to buy additional gas, and countries like Qatar that produce LNG often have long-term contracts with customers. The US has already promised to supply more LNG to Europe.

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