A female officer, 26, a woman, 53, was fined after breaching a quarantine at a luxury hotel

A female officer, 26, a woman, 53, was fined after breaching a quarantine at a luxury hotel

A 26-year-old Air Force officer was arrested “entertained” a 53-year-old woman in a hotel quarantine room after the couple saw each other through their windows.

NSW Police said they each received a $ 1,000 fine after hearing the woman’s voice in the ADF officer’s room.

The man was a member of the ADF serving in quarantine after returning from abroad. The woman was reportedly a guest at the Pier One Hotel in Sydney.

The two, who were once weird, are believed to have decided to get to know each other closely after seeing each other through the windows of their luxury Sydney hotel rooms, according to reports by the Daily Mail.

It is believed that he and the woman then began communicating on their cell phones.

At one point, a RAF officer, the woman who comes from Hornsby in northern Sydney, crept into his room.

At 12.45 am on Tuesday morning, the Australian Defense Forces personnel doing security in the corridors of the hotel next to the harbor became suspicious when they heard a female voice through the room door.

When they investigated, they found the woman, who was not in quarantine, in the soldier’s room.

She was picked up from the room and the hotel’s quarantine department and directed to leave immediately while the police were called.

Officers from Sydney City Police District Command attended the hotel, which is run by the ADF, before speaking separately with the officer and the woman.

“After extensive inquiries by the police, the 26-year-old man and the woman, 53, who was the man’s guest, were fined $ 1,000 for failing to comply with the foreseeable directive in relation to Section 7/8/9 – COVID-19.” New South Wales Police said in a statement.

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The woman was instructed to check out the hotel immediately and undergo a COVID-19 test before being isolated at her home in Hornsby.

The man is still in quarantine at the hotel and the ADF is making further inquiries.

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