A Dutch girl (16 years old) photographed by a man bathing in a French camp | interior

A Dutch girl (16 years old) photographed by a man bathing in a French camp |  interior

The incident occurred with a sixteen-year-old Dutch girl who was on vacation with her parents at a family camp in Frejus, southern France. “Our daughter was bathing in camp when she suddenly came back to us completely upset,” says her mother, Deborah. “While she was taking a shower, she saw a man trying to film her with his phone under the bathroom door.” The girl immediately started calling and heard the man turning away. When I left the bathroom, the offender was gone.

Surveillance cameras are located around the shower area. She and her parents asked for these photos from the camp administrators. “It clearly shows that a man comes in and out of the shower room when my daughter is there,” says the mother. “He had a distinct kind of slipper.”


The parents immediately set out for a tour of the camp site in search of the voyeur. Suddenly we saw him sitting in his convoy. He was sitting there with his wife and two children, including a girl of barely seven years old. At first he denied, but when we said there was a surveillance camera, he admitted everything. He said he deleted the footage and expressed his regret.”

The victim’s parents informed the police. The peeping man, a man from Zolt in East Flanders, was taken to the police to make his statement. Then he was allowed to leave. “He spent four hours at the police station,” says the mother. His wife was of course in shock, too. After that he was released again, but in the meantime he can sit in another camping site.” The family of the Dutch victim will also file a complaint against the man in Belgium.

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