A dead woman answers questions as a hologram during the funeral | Instagram

A dead woman answers questions as a hologram during the funeral |  Instagram

A hologram of a loved one who passed away at a funeral, we know that now. But ask hologram questions and then get an answer? New technology has allowed a deceased woman in the UK to speak to her loved ones at a gathering shortly after her cremation.

In July, Marina Smith, who died in June at the age of 87, appeared on a screen at one of the gatherings. She gave a short speech, after which grieving relatives could ask all kinds of questions to Smith’s digital copy, according to a British media report. The hologram was created by the StoryFile Company, of which Smith’s son, Stephen Smith, was the co-founder and CEO.

The questions were recorded early this year, when Marina Smith was still alive, using a computer and webcam. Among other things, she answered questions about her childhood. “This brought up difficult topics. Like her parents’ divorce and her life as an immigrant from India,” her son told the British newspaper. telegraph. “The closest relatives were amazed at my mother’s newfound honesty at the meeting.” Marina Smith has always been ashamed of her past. “But when asked about this, she told us about her childhood in India, which we knew nothing about.”


Relatives were amazed at my mother’s new honesty during the meeting

Stephen Smith, CEO of StoryFile

natural language

The new technology has been available in the UK since this week. In a more expensive version of StoryFile, the interview is recorded using twenty simultaneous cameras. Then experts process the material to train the digital version of the deceased. This is necessary for the hologram to answer “natural language” questions.

Unlike fake videos, the system does not put words in the mouth of digital reproduction. If he does not have an answer, he will encourage his closest relatives to ask another question.

The British company previously worked with Star TrekActor William Shatner. With his hologram, the Canadian actor wants to preserve his legacy for future generations.

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