A cyber attack on a monastery. Russian hackers attack Swiss sisters.

A cyber attack on a monastery.  Russian hackers attack Swiss sisters.
Ransomware does not stop at anyone, including God’s servants.

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The village of Der in Basel-Stadt has been attacked by ransomware hackers. They threaten to release confidential information.

The deacon’s home in Riehen BS has fallen victim to a ransomware attack, “Inside-IT” reports. Lockbit ransomware from the hackers group of the same name is responsible for this.

Lockbit has claimed responsibility for the attack on its dark web site and is threatening to release data allegedly stolen. What this could be is not clear. The Deaconess House website does not appear to have been affected by the attack.

50 sisters live in the village of Al-Deir

Approximately 50 sisters are part of the Diakonissenhaus Riehen community, the monastery village has an additional 80 employees. The evangelical religious community offers courses, guest rooms, and runs a café and shop.

The Deaconess House in Riehen has fallen victim to a ransomware attack.

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Neither the Deaconess House nor the National Cyber ​​Security Center (NCSC) wanted to comment on the details of the attack on Inside-IT. However, the NCSC noted that hackers choose targets “based on their vulnerability.” So it is unlikely that Lockbit specifically targeted the sisters.

A criminal group from Russia

Those responsible for the suspected Lockbite in Russia. However, it appears that it is a mostly criminal group that, unlike other Russian hacker gangs, does not have close ties to the state. However, the Russian government tolerates such criminal activities as long as its own interests are not affected.

Lockbit is one of the largest operators of “ransomware as a service,” a concept modeled on legitimate business models such as Office365. Ransomware tools can be rented. In the past few days, Lockbit has also claimed responsibility for an attack on a hospital in Corbeil-Essonnes, France, which significantly affected operations there.

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