A Christmas comet is burning brighter as it flies over Earth

A Christmas comet is burning brighter as it flies over Earth

There will definitely be a bright spot in the sky this Christmas.

Recently discovered a comet that flew past Earth over the weekend and are now back in the Solar System. When he leaves, he will be blazing in the night sky just in time for Christmas.

Comet Leonard can be seen across most of the United States as it burns far from Earth. The comet was discovered earlier this year by Gregory Leonard, the University of Arizona’s chief research expert.

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The comet was observed to burn brighter. Perhaps this is due to the different pockets of gas and according to different sources, this could indicate that the comet is about to collapse.

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According to Space.com, it may be difficult to see Comet Leonard without a telescope or binoculars due to the current comet and its moon.

Several astronomers have taken to social media to share photos of Leonard in the night sky.

The European Space Agency has released a video of Leonard taken by the solar spacecraft to photograph the heliosphere. The images show the comet as it flew through the Milky Way.


“The comet is currently making its inner journey around the Sun with its tail from behind,” the European Space Agency wrote. “When SoloHI took these images, the comet was almost between the Sun and the spacecraft, with tails of gas and dust pointed toward the spacecraft. At the end of the image sequence, our view of both ends improves with the angle of view we see increasing, and SoloHI gets a side view of the comet.” ”

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