A British billionaire tours one of the UK’s most expensive homes

A British billionaire tours one of the UK's most expensive homes

British businessman and billionaire John Codwell recently toured his home in London’s Mayfair district. The house, which was originally two homes, is one of the most expensive in the UK, with an estimated value of around $250 million.

John Cadwell and his house in Mayfair

Codwell, now 67, is the founder of the Phone 4u series of phones. He sold the company in 2006 for $1.5 billion. With that money, he bought the home in Mayfair for $87 million in 2012, before embarking on a major renovation a few years later.

Housed in a Portland stone building, the house actually consists of two homes converted into one, connected by a large basement, and covers an area of ​​43,000 square metres. By comparison: this is the size of 55 (!) apartment buildings in London.

Take a look inside at Codewell

It is also expected that the house will be equipped with every luxury and comfort. The mansion is no less than eight floors with 15 bedrooms. In addition, there is a large ballroom with a capacity of 120 people. What immediately stands out is the authentic interior design that Codwell kept. Plus, the dining room has a Thai theme, after all, Caudwell’s favorite cuisine, through which the river flows. And all this under a fake cherry tree, with the entire interior finished with 20,000 sheets of gold leaf.

Of course, the house also has a private pool and a cinema room with very comfortable leather seating.

Caudwell plans with the house

Although Codwell’s home is of course equipped with every luxury, he says he does not keep jewelry and art in the house, after an attempted burglary 10 years ago in which he was attacked with a metal bar. The house has high quality alarm technology and staff 24 hours a day.

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Codwell himself says he doesn’t really need all the space in the house. For example, he has parties and meetings organized in his house in the ballroom or in one of the many other rooms. Are you curious about the beautiful palace? See the tour below.

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