A bride dies after a failed liposuction procedure before the wedding day

A bride died after a failed liposuction procedure before the wedding in an unlicensed salon.

Koko Siu Zhi Seng, 23, was rushed to the hospital after she began to feel unwell during her treatment but died later that same day.

Her brother, Xiao Mingan, said that the model visited the salon in the Malaysian capital, Kuala Lumpur, to have a procedure to get rid of fats on her arms before her wedding.

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Coco Siew – also known as Xiao Zhixin – wanted to look good on her big day, stumbled upon the salon online and visited with a friend for a treatment worth A $ 800 (RM 2,500).


But after an injection of an anesthetic, the young bride was alleged to have convulsions.

Coco Seo was taken to hospital, where paramedics tried to resuscitate her after treatment on Saturday, but she died around 5 PM the same day.

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“After our repeated interrogations, the salon official finally revealed that he was not authorized to perform such medical procedures, but that he was only licensed for regular cosmetic treatments,” Mr. Xiao’s brother told local media.

“The plastic surgeon who performed the operation on my sister did not have a professional license.”

Xiao said his sister was leading a very healthy lifestyle and took 1st place in an Asian modeling competition in 2014.

“I hope my sister’s experience is a warning to many young women,” said Mr. Xiao.

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Marriage plans

Coco Seo was to marry her fiancé Ewald de Plessis in South Africa next year.

Heartbroken Mr du Plessis, who grew up near Johannesburg, posted a lovely greeting photo of the couple on his Facebook page after Coco Siew’s death, showing the couple sharing a sweet hug and staring into each other’s eyes.

Close friend Ke Xin praised on social media: “When I heard you found true love and [are] You are planning to get married next year, I am so happy for you.

“I told myself to work hard to save money to attend your party in South Africa.

“But now, I cannot accept this news.”

The model’s cousin, who did not want to be named, told local media that Coco Seo was “very free and determined, happy, and at times, very innocent.”

The family gathered to wake up Coco Seo at a funeral parlor in Kuala Lumpur on Tuesday and her remains are expected to be cremated the next day.

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Kuala Lumpur Police Chief Saif Azali Qamaruddin said police have arrested beauty salon owners, a 49-year-old mother and her 23-year-old daughter, for an investigation into a murder that amounts to less than murder.

Although an autopsy has been conducted on the victim, toxicology results have yet to be returned to determine the cause of her death.

Saif Azali added that the beauty salon has a business license, but the plastic surgeons themselves do not have medical licenses to perform any plastic surgery.

“The victim was taken to a nearby hospital and died soon after. We are still investigating the cause of death,” he said.

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