A blow to President Donald Trump as the Nevada state court dismisses the lawsuit with bias

A blow to President Donald Trump as the Nevada state court dismisses the lawsuit with bias

Donald Trump’s hopes of overturning the 2020 election results took another hit after a lawsuit in Nevada was canceled.

The US president and his allies have so far lost at least 30 lawsuits after the election. According to some statistics, the number is as high as 41-1 losses.

In the latest slap to Trump, a Nevada state court Friday (local time) dismissed the lawsuit against Trump’s campaign seeking to block state election results.

President-elect Joe Biden won the state’s six Electoral College votes by 703,486 votes to 669,890.

Judge James Russell was scathing about the unprecedented demand to either prevent the ratification of state election results or award the Electoral College votes to Mr. Trump.

He stated that no evidence had been presented to support the campaign’s allegations of voter fraud

“The contestants did not prove, under any standard of evidence, that any illegal votes were cast and counted, or legal votes were not counted at all, for any other improper or unlawful reason, nor with an amount equal to or greater than 33,596, or otherwise which is Amount sufficient to arouse reasonable doubt about the election outcome, ”Judge Russell wrote.

“Reasonable suspicion is based on cause, not merely a possibility.”

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He said that much of the evidence was based on hearsay and provided no probative value or had no value at all.

The phrase “not established under any of the standards of proof” was repeated 25 times in Judge Russell’s judgment.

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The case was dismissed with prejudice, which means that the judgment is final and not subject to further proceedings.

Also today, the Michigan Court of Appeals rejected an appeal from the Trump campaign that tried to halt the vote count, calling the attempt an argument.

The court stated that the lawyers did not follow proper procedures when filing the case.

As Trump’s legal losses continued to mount, Arizona House Speaker Rusty Bowers dealt another blow to the president’s hopes for the Grand Canyon state.

Mr Trump’s legal team – Rudy Giuliani and Gina Ellis – have been pitching their case to nullify Biden’s victory in Arizona. They held an informal public meeting on Tuesday and met with Republican leaders in a closed-door meeting.

Mr Bowers said the Arizona legislature was unable to do what was asked of it – to overturn the approved results.

“Under current Arizona statute, presidential voters who were elected on November 3, after the vote is completed, must vote for the winners of the popular vote,” he said in a statement.

You voted for President Trump and worked hard for his re-election. But I cannot and will not consider any suggestion that we violate the current law to change the outcome of a certified election. “

Biden’s victories were confirmed in Arizona and Wisconsin on Monday.

The last Democrat to hold Arizona was Bill Clinton in 1996, marking a significant shift in the US election map this year.

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Biden beat Trump with more than 10,400 ballots in Arizona, where turnout was high, and changing demographics saw an increase in young Hispanic voters.

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Meanwhile, Trump allies sought an emergency order from the US Supreme Court on Thursday to block the certification of election results in Pennsylvania, a key state that Biden won.

Trump appointed three governors to the nine-member U.S. Supreme Court during his presidency, and right after the November election, he said he was ready to go to that court to defend what he described as his re-election victory.

The move comes on the heels of the Pennsylvania Supreme Court rejecting a lawsuit challenging the vote by extended mail in the main northeastern state.

The president hopes that the Pennsylvania Republican-controlled legislature will overturn the state election results.

Trump still refuses to admit defeat in the November 3 election, claiming without providing evidence of widespread fraud and vote counting, and that the election was stolen from him.

On Tuesday, Attorney General Bill Barr, a close ally of the president, broke with Trump and said there was no evidence of significant fraud to invalidate Biden’s victory.

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