A 4-year-old girl disappears from her parent’s tent in the middle of the night during a camping trip | Abroad

A 4-year-old girl disappears from her parent's tent in the middle of the night during a camping trip |  Abroad

Australian police are searching for 4-year-old Cleo Smith. The girl disappeared from the family tent during a camping trip in the middle of the night while her parents were sleeping.

The family’s weekend getaway took place last weekend in the Australian wilderness. Cleo and her parents stayed with their tent in a small, open camping area in Macleod, a place where they often camp, about 900 kilometers north of Perth and about 70 kilometers from Caernarvon where the family lives.

The little girl was last seen in their shared tent by mum Ellie around 1:30 a.m. Saturday. She slept in her pink pajamas with butterflies and flowers, snuggly in her green and red sleeping bag. When her father and father later woke up around 6:30 AM, their daughter (as well as her sleeping bag) were gone.


After Cleo’s disappearance, the police began a large-scale search. Since Sunday morning, officers have been combing the area around the camp site along with soldiers and volunteers from the neighborhood. Helicopters, drones and divers have also been deployed. The site is bordered on one side by the wilderness and on the other side the beach and the sea.

All campers who spent the weekend in the same place with the Smith family were questioned. Sheds, huts and parked caravans were also searched. Police are calling on people who were near the site to come forward. Dashcam photos of people who crossed the area with their car last weekend are also welcome.

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serious concerns

The police are very concerned about the girl’s condition and are not ruling out any scenario yet. Nor is it that the girl was taken out of the tent at night by someone else or that she ran away by herself and then went to the beach and sea. “We are continuing our search and have put our best people on this missing person,” said Commander John Munday. “We will turn every stone here. Every hour that a 4-year-old is alone in this area is very worrying.”

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