A 14-year-old girl drowned in the Seine and arrested two of her colleagues Abroad

A 14-year-old girl drowned in the Seine and arrested two of her colleagues  Abroad

Last night, the lifeless body of a fourteen-year-old girl was taken from the Seine in a suburb of Paris. Investigators suspect that two of her schoolmates pushed her into the water, according to various French media reports.

Officers made the discovery around 8:30 pm at Argenteuil. The mother of one of the suspects had informed them. Her fifteen-year-old son had come home earlier in bloodstained clothes.

He told her that he hit a girl with a friend. Because of the turmoil, “it fell into the Seine.”


They reportedly acted very nervous during that conversation. After a quick change of clothes, they left the house again.

Meanwhile, the mother went to inspect the site that her son had registered. An abandoned glove and tress made her the worst fear, so she went to the police station.

“They have to pay”

The victim’s parents have just reported their daughter’s disappearance. At first they thought she had run away. When they heard what actually happened to her, they collapsed.

“The perpetrators must pay for what they did. My daughter did nothing wrong,” the distressed mother told local media in front of the camera.


The two suspects could be arrested at around 2 am. They were hiding in a comrade’s house. They do not have a criminal record.

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A preliminary investigation showed that the girl was hit in the head and face. According to the victim’s mother, the student was bullied at school, a claim supported by testimonies from fellow students. For example, insults may be sent to her on social media.

According to students, there was also a serious fight between the two girls last week. The police are investigating the matter further.

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