85 violators put up closure on weekdays

Meer dan 200 lockdown-overtreders overgebracht naar Politieacademie Suriname

Archival photo of the detention of violators

Several police units transferred up to 85 lockdown violators to the Police Academy hall the night of Wednesday 3 to Thursday 4 February. Among them were twelve women. The Suriname Police Corps stated that everyone was fined for violating the lock hours.

Seven cars were withdrawn because drivers were unable to present their driver’s license during the inspection. These violators have been summoned.

The perpetrator, who had locked the house, who had attacked the police, was handcuffed and taken away. He was kept under surveillance in the cell at Keizerstraat police station to cool down.

Four drivers were also transferred to the Police Academy under police supervision. Suriname police dispatched all the culprits around 5 am after a serious warning.

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