7 Proven Ways to Grow your Business’s Following on Instagram

Instagram has become the cornerstone for several businesses to promote their brand and earn high revenues. It is a hub for brands to drive quality traffic and build a loyal customer base. However, building an impactful business on Instagram can often be challenging. 

Therefore, you must learn and follow the proven ways to grow your business on Instagram. These steps from the building blocks of a powerful marketing strategy that will help in an increasing engagement on Instagram. 

You can look for the best sites to buy real and active Instagram likes. But by incorporating the following steps in your Instagram marketing plan, you will achieve more visibility and traction. In this article, we have compiled a list of seven proven ways that will help you grow your business on Instagram. Let’s dive in!

  1. Optimize Instagram Business Account 

Optimization of your business account is the first step towards gaining more Instagram followers. The Instagram business account comprises three main sections that represent the brand. First is the ‘Username’ which can be your brand name or any name that connects to your brand. 

The second is the ‘Profile Image’, which can be a brand logo or an image that highlights your brand. Your profile image should be the same on all other social media accounts. This improves personal branding and makes it easier for your audience to find you on other social media networks. 

Last and the most essential section is the ‘Instagram Bio’. Here, you can write a description of your business. You can also add interactive call-to-actions to drive traffic to a landing page or your business website. 

  1. Create Engaging Content

Once your business account is optimized, focus on creating engaging content. Instagram is well known for its visual posts. Use attractive images, infographics, visual aids, and GIFs to make your posts more interesting. The more your audience enjoys your post, the more engagement you will get on Instagram. 

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Create authentic and unique content that highlights your brand value. Understand what your audience likes and design your content around it. You can also look for trending posts in your niche and create content around them to stay up to date with the trends. 

  1. Have a Consistent Posting Schedule 

Now that you know how to create engaging posts, it is time to set up a posting schedule. The best time to publish a post is when your audience is most active. You can get this information from Instagram Insights or any data analytical tool connected to your Instagram business account. 

Create a content calendar and schedule your posts in advance to keep your audience engaged. You can also use post-scheduling tools to automate this process. This helps to maintain a consistency of posts on your business account. 

  1. Experiment with Instagram Live and Stories 

Besides posting different Instagram posts on your business page, you can use features like Live broadcasts and Stories to increase engagement on Instagram. Often, brands look for the best places to buy Instagram followers. However, to keep them hooked to your account, you must focus on ways that will increase the engagement rate. 

Share your story, conduct interviews, customer reviews, or employee takeovers on Instagram Live. You can also interact with your audience in real-time, answer their questions and provide valuable information about your brand. 

Instagram Stories are best to conduct polls or quizzes, tag locations and show behind-the-scenes. All these features will build brand authenticity and help you connect with your followers on a personal level. 

  1. Improve your Hashtag Game 

Hashtags are extremely important on Instagram. They are unique keywords that allow the audience to find you on social media. Create unique brand hashtags for your business account and use them in your Instagram bio and posts. This will help to gain more visibility on Instagram. 

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You can also increase engagement on Instagram using hashtags. Encourage your followers to review your products and use the branded hashtag in their posts. You can also conduct contests and giveaways using branded hashtags. 

  1. Host Exciting Giveaways

Everybody on Instagram loves to receive gifts and prizes. Host exciting giveaways for your audience to skyrocket your engagement rate on Instagram. Here, you can choose a single product, brand collection, or discount voucher as the prize. 

Publish a post or use Instagram stories to announce the giveaway. Let your audience know the steps to participate. You can encourage them to tag their friends, share your post on their profile or create content by using a branded hashtag. This will help to gain more followers on Instagram. 

  1. Collaborate with Instagram Influencers 

Brand collaborations with Instagram Influencers are one of the most powerful ways to gain a massive following on Instagram. This technique exposes your brand to millions of people on Instagram. You can collaborate with Influencers on a commission basis or through sponsorships. 

Look for popular Instagram Influencers in your niche and ask them to promote your product, post a review or do a live interview. This will help to boost your visibility and increase engagement on Instagram. 


The above tips are proven ways that will help you craft your marketing strategy and grow your brand on Instagram. From creating engaging content and using trendy hashtags to hosting exciting giveaways and collaborating with Influencers, all of these ideas align to increase engagement on Instagram. 

Furthermore, they help to improve audience interaction, authenticity, and visibility. If you want to build a strong customer base who will support your brand for the long term then pay attention to the above tips and implement them in your marketing strategy. 

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