7 Low-Investment Business Ideas

Are you getting tired of pulling your 9-5 day by day? Have you been thinking of capitalizing on your skills and starting your own business?

You may be thinking to start a business, you’d need a pretty amount, and you may be right. If you’re thinking of starting your own IT firm or a beauty salon, then you’re out of luck as those business ventures require a hefty sum upfront. 

But if you’re thinking about starting a little-to-no-investment business, then we know just the right thing for you. 

Ready? Let’s dig in. 

7 Low-Investment Business Ideas You Should Try

1. Kickstarter Firm

Kickstarter is a platform on which a project creator sets a funding goal and deadline and asks their audience to pledge money to the campaign in order to make it happen. If the project reaches its funding goal and the time expires, then the credit/debit cards of everyone who backed it are charged.

For many project creators, creating and managing a Kickstarter can be hectic and time-consuming, especially if the project creator is also working on making the items that will be shipped to the backers. 

If you love to manage things and have an affinity for talking to people, then creating a company that manages a Kickstarter and the succeeding pledge manager and BackerKit for new creators could be your jam. 

2. Freelance Writing

All businesses need writers to convey their mission and vision statements or ideas and beliefs to their audience, which can comprise ten people or ten thousand. However, not everyone can write the content these businesses need.

For example, a person who reads and reviews fiction novels for a living may not be able to write punchy copy for a business website. So, if they run a blog and want to get some catchy headers for it, then they may hire someone to do it for them. 

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Similarly, a CEO who is busy struggling with meetings and constant appointments may not have the time to write the self-help book they’ve always wanted to write. So, a person who ghostwrites will be the ideal solution to their problem. 

So, if you’re skilled at putting words together, can write punchy headings, and change your voice and tone to match a client’s requirements, then creating a freelance writing business may be the best option for you. 

3. Lawn Care

Due to the increasing pace of the world, buyers have become busier than ever. This means that they have no time for weeding, gardening, or fertilizing their potted plants, lawns, or landscaping. 

If you have a green thumb, like to garden, and have an unquenchable thirst for making gardens and lawns beautiful, then a lawn care business may be in the cards. You can start your lawn care business by offering weeding and fertilizing services, hedge trimmings, and flower or tree planting. 

4. Online Courses 

Online courses, such as those on Coursera, EdX, and Skillshare, are invaluable because they enable people around the globe to learn the skills they need to acquire to get a better job, a higher salary, or live a happy life. For example, a person from Australia can learn Django or Ruby Red by joining a course created by a university in the U.S. or someone at Skillshare. 

Similarly, people can learn how to create applications in Python on Coursera, and SEO optimization and human anatomy on EdX. There’s a wealth of learning opportunities available at their fingertips. 

So, if you have some experience in a particular field, such as SEO writing or marketing, or possess an in-demand skill, then an online course may just be your new business. For example, if you are a baking expert, then you could conduct online classes and show your viewers how to bake and ice cakes, make perfect choux pastry, or whip the most stable buttercream. 

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Similarly, if you have accounting, invoice managing experience, or experience with a pay stub creator, then you can create a course around these skills as well.

5. Graphic Designing

Infographics, logos, gifs, e-book covers, digital paintings, as well as other digital art fall under the umbrella of graphic designing. Almost every industry uses graphic designing — usually in the form of product images, brand logos, emojis, and other digital art to generate and encourage customer interest. 

So, if you’ve been scribbling on your notebooks since the age of two, are skilled at designing graphics, a literal font of ideas, and have the willingness to plunder the depths of your imagination, then a freelance graphic designing business may fall into your ballpark. 

However, graphic designing—like business studies—is niche-specific, meaning there are many specific graphic designer niches. For example, if you have worked on brand logos and product renders, you could target start-ups. Similarly, if you create digital paintings, then you could target those in need of paintings as book covers or banners. 

6. Professional Photography

If you love to immortalize beautiful moments, have a passion for taking photos, and have the knowledge to back your interest up, why not try to sell your photographs online? However, photography is a specialized field, so you may have to advertise your services to a specific audience. 

You could develop niche-specific photographs and sell them on sites like Getty Images, Shutterstock, Alamy, and even Etsy! You could even hire 1099 independent contractors to take photographs for you as well!

7. Online Tutoring

Almost all of us need some help with an aspect of life — whether academic or practical. If you are an expert in a specific field, then tutoring may just be the option for you. 

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However, just like the last two types of businesses on this list, online tutoring is also niche-specific, which means you have to focus on one type of tutoring and then stick to it — at least at first. You can branch out later. 

For example, if you have two degrees in biology, then you could offer tuition classes to students struggling in core classes of most degree programs related to biology. Similarly, if you’re a senior who has scored a perfect 1600 in your SAT and 36 in your ACT, you are also qualified to teach juniors — provided you have the requisite teaching skills, of course!

The Bottom Line

Most of us want to start our own business — maybe because the idea seems paradisiacal to us or because we think having more control over our life will finally unchain us from the shackles of responsibility. 

Whatever your reason for wanting to open your own business, remember, you can create a low investment business while maximizing your ROI and click-through rates. So, if you’re tired of the constant drudgery of your 9-5 routine, consider trying out one of the niches we’ve mentioned above — maybe you’ll win the ticket of your dreams!

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