6 Ways to Simplify Your Tech Life on Your Smartphone or Tablet

A normal day has 24 hours which consist of a hectic lifestyle. Thus, anything that would simplify your life would be a saver. Smartphones and tablets have become the new normal, with almost everyone in Canada having access to one.

As much as they are helpful, they may also take up a lot of your time that would otherwise be saved for other purposes. According to our expert Kevin Cochran (check profile), here are some pro tips that come in handy to simplify your tech life by saving your time and mental energy:

Turn Off Notifications

The truth is notifications from your smartphone or tablet can be a real nuisance to you. From the unimportant notification of a like on your photo you posted on Facebook to an important one like an email from your boss, notifications can distract you.

When all the notifications are turned on, all of them seem to be as important, which is not the case. If you have your phone set to display all your notifications, they may pile up on your screen in no time. You can turn off the notifications and set some time and look at all notifications, and once done, turn all of them off. This saves your mental energy, ensuring you focus on the things that matter.

Have a Scheduling App

There exist many scheduling applications in your smartphone or tablet’s app store which come in handy to simplify your tech life. The most common being Apple Calendar for iOS users and Google calendar for Android users.

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These apps are a great tool for simplifying your tech life as you use them to mark events indicating the time and location of your events. The beauty of these applications is that they alert you when it’s time to start your event and even advise you according to the traffic condition of your routes. There are efficient smartphone or tablet diaries that are available for free in all major app stores.

Play Online Casino Games

The smartphone or tablet may drain you mentally, and you may need a break at times. Installing the common online casino application in Canada would be a great idea as you may not have the time to visit the casino physically. Not only is it an entertainment activity but one which may help you mentally. You can bank on https://casinocanada.com/ if you want to see Canadian casinos that suit your needs.


Have a To-Do List App

Having a to-do list application installed on your smartphone or tablet is an excellent idea. A normal day is filled with many activities, some of which are important and others that are not. Writing down all the activities that you plan to take on in a day is a good way to keep yourself organized.

The beauty of the modern to-do list apps is that they possess the ability to advise you on how to prioritize your activities. The normal phone comes installed with a to-do list. However, you can get one from the Appstore. Such apps will remind you to visit the casino of Canada, handle your work-related tasks or even visit the gym. Some of the best to-do list apps include Wunderlist and Any Do for both iOS and Android and Clear for IOS.

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Quick Food Applications

If you are a foodie, you know the hustle of finding that quick food store for delivery or that quick recipe to make your favorite meal. A quick food application ensures that your food can be delivered right where you are at the tap of your smartphone or tablet screen. The most common food delivery applications in Canada include Door Dash Food Delivery, McDonald’s Canada, and SkipTheDishes. Also, ensure you download and install quick recipe applications like Yummly and Kitchen Stories

 Have an Organization App

Organization apps are a great solution if you are looking to simplify your tech life. They allow you to dump any material to them without any structure. From photos, videos, notes, emails, etc., you can dump them and retrieve them from any other web-enabled device.

Microsoft OneNote is one of the recommended organization apps. The beauty of the application is that you are free to configure it as you please. You can even organize your apps based on gaming, such as online slots, working out apps, and core apps that run your mobile device.

Smartphones and tablets are important gadgets that we all need. Use any of the above methods to simplify your tech life while using these devices.

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