6 activities that make winter sports in Engelberg an unforgettable experience

6 activities that make winter sports in Engelberg an unforgettable experience

Winter sports in Engelberg are an experience in themselves. The slopes of the ski area go up to 3000 meters and are therefore completely secured with snow. It is not for nothing that Engelberg has the longest ski season in Switzerland. Ski lifts have been open here for more than 220 days! Over 80 kilometers of slopes are very well groomed every day and the slopes’ versatility is enormous. Do you want to experience an unforgettable winter sport? Then Engelberg is the place for you. Not quite convinced yet? In this article, we describe six special on and off-slope activities that will ensure you never forget a winter sport in Engelberg!

Crazy winter sports in Titlis and Brunei

The amazing winter sports offer is the main reason for many to plan a skiing holiday in Engelberg. Nicknames And the Brunei, two parts of the Engelberg-Titlis ski area, each with its own advantages. The slopes around the Titlis glacier rise to 3000 meters and are therefore very snow confident. Are you more of a sun worshiper than a free man? Then you’ll love the slopes at Brunni. These are on the sunny south side of the valley, the slopes are easier here and they are quieter. Do you prefer long descents on the slopes? Engelberg-Titlis has one of the longest ski runs in the Alps. During this difficult descent, you cover more than 12 kilometers and 2000 altimeters.

One of the longest slopes in Switzerland. (Photo: Tourism Engelberg Titlis)

Freeride Valhalla: “The Big 5”

For experienced winter sports enthusiasts,The Big 5The ultimate reason to book a winter sport in Engelberg-Titlis. The Big 5 consists of five freestyle runs that start straight from the ski lift. When conditions are right, you can do all five things in one day. An absolute highlight is Galtiberg, One of the longest powder runs in the Alps. It starts on top of Titlis and ends all the way in the village. And after all those downhills, do you want more off-piste adventures? There are endless ski routes in Engelberg Titlis.

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Engelberg - Enough snow
Enjoy off-piste running on the ‘BIG 5’ (Photo: Engelberg-Titlis Tourism)

Winter hiking and “Schlitlen”

Are you a skier or snowboarder? Or do you feel less like hitting the slopes for a day? Then your Engelberg-Titlis Snow can be enjoyed in many other ways. Go on one of these beautiful winter hikes, or combine them Once “Schlitteln”. Here you go down the mountain on a wooden sled. A very fun activity to enjoy the beautiful winter scenery with the whole family.

Schlitteln in Engelberg is fun! (photo: Engelberg-Titlis Tourism)

Take a snowshoe walk under the full moon

Do you want more challenge? Then go snowshoeing. On special snowshoes, you can walk through deep snow through the wonderful nature around Engelberg. When you breathe in the fresh air, anxiety disappears from your mind. Exercising and relaxing at the same time. At least 7 different routes around Engelberg have been identified. And do you really want to make it special? Then sign up for an organized snowshoe walk on the full moon. While the snow is falling under your snowshoes, you can admire the magical landscape that is only lit by the moon. And after the adventure you can also enjoy a typical Swiss cheese fondue in the Fürenalp restaurant. You will never forget such an experience!

Snowshoeing in nature. (photo: Engelberg-Titlis Tourism)

With skis touring up and down the sled

Heated ski tours in the Alps. Whether you are in Austria, France or Switzerland, everywhere you see people on skis up the mountain. A completely different way to enjoy the mountains. Do you also want to go skiing, but are you not sure if your skiing technique is enough? Not a problem! In Engelberg, you can go up on tourist skis, and go down on a toboggan. They use ‘Snooc’ for this, a pair of touring skis that you can easily fold into a sled. Therefore, even inexperienced skiers can experience how great it is to go skiing in the mountains.

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Even on tourist skis, downhill skiing. (photo: Engelberg-Titlis Tourism)

Adrenaline on a sustainable electronic snowmobile

Snowmobile riding is cool! You can experience this for yourself in Engelberg. Titlis SnowXPark can be compared to a go-kart track, but in the snow. about the Tropsey Many circuits have been laid out where you can ride an electric powered snowmobile. The longest lap is about 1 km long. And with a special “Kid’s Mode,” even kids as young as 12 can drift through the bends on the electric snowmobile. So cool is that these snowmobiles don’t emit CO2, don’t make noise, and don’t use motor oil. Very durable!

Full throttle on an electric snowmobile (Photo: Engelberg-Titlis Tourism)

Experience the perfect winter holiday in Engelberg

In Engelberg, you can enjoy the winter in many ways. In addition to the great skiing and snowboarding opportunities, there are countless fun activities that will ensure you never forget a winter sport in Engelberg. Do you want to know how wonderful a winter holiday in Engelberg can be? Make sure to watch the video below.

Satisfy your craving for snow in Engelberg

Do you have a passion for winter and snow sports? Then you really have to go to Engelberg-Titlis. There is no better place to share your passion than in this beautiful ski area. More information, accommodation, activities and tips can be found on the Engelberg website.

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