5 Questions to Ask Before Buying an Electric Car 

The last decade has seen a lot of evolution in different industries and the automobile industry is not left out with the mass production of electric cars by different automobile companies. To make better decisions, it is advisable to read reviews of the different companies that manufacture electric cars in Suomiarvostelut.fi. This will also help you when choosing a car to rent at places like Rentalscars.com.

A lot of people have started buying electric cars since they are now relatively cheaper compared to how expensive it was 10 years ago and also electric cars conserve both energy and money. But before you buy your electric car, they are some things you should consider and some of these things are:

  • How Much Range Does Your Electric Car Have? 

Although electric cars with a mileage less than 200 miles are now rare to see, there are still some of them that come with a range that is less than 200 miles. Tesla which is currently the largest and most valuable electric car producer is the only manufacturer that has over 300 miles range electric cars. 

So, if you know that your electric car mileage is not enough, and you are travelling on a long-distance, you can consider changing your car or renting another electric car. 

  • Are Charging Stations Available in My Location? 

Even if you have one at home, without a charging station nearby as you travel, electric cars will not be a convenient way to travel. Most countries in the world do not have many electric car stations and so buying an electric car in such a location may be a waste of resources as you won’t make good use of the car.

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Even if you have an EV station around your environment, make sure that while travelling, you check if the route you want to take has EV stations around. 

  • How Much Will Insurance Cost? 

Before buying an electric car, make sure that you already know how much it costs to get your electric car insured. Because of how expensive it is when compared to ordinary cars powered by gas, electric car insurance is more costly. 

The battery of an electric car is very expensive to acquire and maintain, so insurance companies make sure that the fee you pay will be worth the cost of repairing the battery in case of an accident. 

  • Will Used Electric Cars Reduce Costs?

Electric cars are very much expensive to buy when they are very new but the reverse is the case when they have been used. Electric cars like Tesla don’t wear out easily and so will still look pretty much new even when it has been used by another person before sale. 

  • Is Electricity Cheap In Your Location? 

Before deciding to buy an electric car, make sure that the electric bill in your location is low to avoid paying high bills. Since electric cars can only be powered by electricity, make sure you can afford the bill of electricity in your location. 


Electric cars, though expensive, can be a major way to conserve your money on transportation. But before buying one, you have to look thoroughly at many different things so that you will be sure that you will not end up wasting resources. 

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