4me announces that it will collaborate with Nexthink | Bell and Mas

4me announces that it will collaborate with Nexthink |  Bell and Mas

4me announced new integration with the Nexthink end user experience platform. Through this collaboration, there is a better understanding of the emotions of the employees and a faster problem-solving ability can be added to the 4me Enterprise Service Management solution.

This partnership with Nexthink, the leader in end user experience management, gives 4me customers the ability to quickly respond to user experience issues that affect productivity. And perhaps most importantly, before they frustrate the employees.


Organizations can become more productive by cooperating with Nexthink. Integration provides additional insight into how services are consumed by employees and other users, how poor performance of devices, applications, or infrastructure affects them, and how this affects productivity, engagement, and employee satisfaction. The Nexthink-4me integration addresses employee morale through continuous monitoring of devices with the ability to automate recovery.


What exactly are the integration possibilities in management tools.

  • Automatically keep your 4me CMDB up to date with asset and experience discovered data.
  • Automatically maintain CMDB relationships between hardware and software.
  • Allow employees to run Nexthink’s Finder directly from 4me.
  • Automatically create an order in 4me when an employee has had a negative experience with Nexthink managed devices. These requests are automatically graded and assigned to the right team. 4me can activate provisioning scripts to implement known solutions.

What exactly does 4me do?

4me is a cloud-based service management application for businesses that supports the service integration and management (SIAM) approach. It enables all parties involved in providing services to work together in an intuitive and secure manner. 4me enables seamless collaboration across regulatory boundaries and provides any organization with real-time tracking of the service levels it provides to its customers, as well as the agreements it relies on from its third-party providers.

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What exactly does Nexthink do?

Nexthink is the leader in digital employee experience management software. The company gives IT leaders unprecedented insight into employees’ daily experiences with technology at the device level, enabling IT to evolve from interactive problem solving to proactive improvement. Nexthink enables more than 1000 customers to provide better digital experiences to more than 10 million employees. Dual is headquartered in Lausanne, Switzerland, and Boston, Massachusetts, and Nexthink has nine offices worldwide.

Nexthink integration improves end user experience for all 4me Service Management customers

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