4 improvements that iOS 15 brings to the iPhone camera

4 improvements that iOS 15 brings to the iPhone camera

Apple included a lot of improvements to the iPhone cameras in iOS 15, but here are 4 of our favorites.

Apple has included a bunch of exciting improvements in iOS 15, the latest major release of Apple’s mobile operating system. We’ll use some of these features to a greater or lesser extent, but the improvements that iOS 15 brought to the iPhone’s camera are some of the most useful. because, Today we present to you a list of the 4 best functions that we have seen in the new version of the Apple system. By the way, don’t forget to update your iPhone to iOS 15.2.1 to fix two very important errors.

4 iOS 15 Improvements for iPhone Camera

  1. ProRes quality video recording
  2. Turn off Night Mode on your iPhone
  3. Live Text to copy text from photos
  4. Telephoto night mode

This collection of four improvements to the iPhone camera with iOS 15 will not only focus on the aesthetic aspect of the photos and videos we take –that too– but also You will see some that can be very useful in your day to day, as with the direct text option. Read on to find out what they are and how you can benefit from them.

1. ProRes quality video recording

iOS 15 brought ProRes format to iPhone camera

Are you a content creator looking to record videos with your iPhone camera? Then Apple did you a great favor. With the launch of iOS 15, Cupertino devices have incorporated into the iPhone 13 Pro the ability to record videos in ProRes quality. What does it mean for a video to be ProRes? The capture pressure is minimal so that you can record details and video in much higher quality in the general aspects, which will allow you to modify and post-process it later with semi-professional results.

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However, keep in mind that ProRes consumes quite a bit of memory on your iPhone storage. Just 1 minute of 10-bit ProRes HDR video will consume approximately 1.7GB For HD quality video. If you want to record videos in ProRes in 4K quality, that number increases to 6GB per minute. If you have a large capacity iPhone 13 Pro, this should not be a problem, but be careful not to overdo it when recording your memories.

The new and cool video that Apple recorded with iPhone 13

The best of it is that ProRes is compatible with a wide variety of applications, both for capturing video from third-party applications in ProRes as well as for editing files of this type. If they are incompatible, the apps will automatically convert the video to H.264, so you won’t lose it.

2. Turn off Night Mode on your iPhone

Night mode was one of the best additions Apple has ever made. Thanks to this function, we can take photos like never before in environments that would otherwise be impossible due to low light. Of course, the night mode has its drawbacks, that is You will need to be very precise when waiting and aiming the camera, because the slightest movement will come out shaky.

For this purpose, Apple has included iOS 15 A new feature that allows you to disable the night mode On any iPhone that supports this feature. To do this, you only need to do the following:

  1. enter a Settings on your iPhone.
  2. Find the Camera section and tap on it.
  3. Here, enter the option “Preserve settings“.
  4. Now, on this screen make sure to turn on the switch next to Night Mode.
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Done, now when entering the camera and deactivating the night mode, Your iPhone will keep it at this setting Until you restart it manually.

3. Live Text to copy text from photos

Live Text iPhone iOS 15

Copy text from photos using Live Text feature on your iPhone

The live text function is, without a doubt, among the top 3 useful things that Apple has included in its entire life inside the iPhone. This feature is endlessly useful and easy to use, and best of all, unlike the competition, You don’t have to download any additional app on your iPhone to be able to use it.

Live text is available from iPhone XS onwards, and Allows you to copy the text that appears inside the images saved in the reel from your iPhone, whether you took it or not. Using it is a piece of cake, just point your iPhone camera at any lettered surface, take the picture, and enter the picture. You will see that the text appears highlighted. If you long press on it, you can copy and paste it anywhere you like.

4. Night mode for telephoto lens

iPhone 13 Pro and 13 Pro Max both included a night mode for its telephoto lensEven though Night Mode was available from iPhone 11 onwards. Thanks to this new feature, you will be able to take pictures farther in the dark with the telephoto lens.

If you want a better result, you can always try to put your iPhone 13 Pro and Pro Max on a tripod. In addition, thanks to the inclusion of the Apple ProRaw format in conjunction with the night mode You can edit your night photos taken with telephoto lens For even more great results.

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to turn on the mode Apple ProRawYou only need to do the following:

  1. go inside Settings.
  2. Look for the option camera.
  3. Here inside, enter the Formats section and activate ‘Apple ProRaw“.

Done, once you do that you will be able to take photos in the highest quality possible and edit them without losing quality. Yes in deed , These files are usually 12 to 13 times larger From the traditional HEIF or JPEG formats.

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