30 degrees this week? Sure, but not everywhere

30 degrees this week?  Sure, but not everywhere

According to meteorologist Maurice Midendorp of Buienradar, these high temperatures are caused by warm air supplied from the south. “Spain has to deal with extreme temperatures early in the year. The temperature there this week can reach 45 degrees. Warm air will come our way on Friday and Saturday, for a while, across France,” he added.

Middendorp notes that there are still large temperature differences on Friday and Saturday. “The question remains how quickly the cold air will return to Earth again. In the north the air is cooler, especially on Saturday, but it will rise above 20 degrees.” But 30 degrees or more is becoming increasingly certain in the south and southeast.

beach day

For now, it looks like Saturday night is going to cool off. “Heavy rain and thunderstorms will cross the country and will dissipate the heat again,” Middendorp says. “Sunday the temperature will drop like a stone and we may not reach 20 degrees.”

But until then, a lot of sun is expected. Friday in particular will be a great day for beach lovers. “You have to be there early Saturday on the coast and it’s important to keep an eye on Buienradar.”

The week starts out relatively cool today: afternoon temperatures today range between 15 and 19 degrees. And even in the north and east there may still be a shower. The day ends clear and dry, and the wind dies.

sunny and warm

Tomorrow it will be a sunny day, but in the north it will be a bit cloudy in the morning. The temperature continues to increase. In the Wadden region it will be around 16 degrees, but elsewhere in the country, mercury releases above 20 degrees. Up to 24 degrees is possible.

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Thursday is also dry, mainly sunny and warm. It’s very hot with you right now:

However, there are caveats about good weather. There is a relatively large amount of pollen in the air. The pollen radar turns dark red due to the amount of pollen, and will remain so for the next few days. “It gets more annoying at the end of the week for people who have hay fever,” Middendorp says.

high power of the sun

In addition, the sun’s power is high, about 6 to 7. This means that you can burn out within fifteen minutes. So lubricate well.

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