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One person goes into the small room every day for a big message, and the other only goes twice a week. But sometimes things don’t go so smoothly. Why is this and what can you do about it? Gastroenterology professor Danny De Luz from UZ in Ghent explains at Het Laatste Nieuws.

There is not enough fiber
De Looze: “Fiber is important for a smooth bowel movement, but it can also cause flatulence and feel bloated. In general, you could say that if you eat a lot of fiber – like whole wheat bread, lentils, oatmeal and muesli – every day, you will produce more movements. Intestinal tract. Personally, I recommend eating two kiwis a day. Several studies have shown that kiwi has the same effect as cereal fibers on intestinal transit, but without fermentation. So kiwi does not cause flatulence, but it is easier to digest and has a laxative effect.

De Luz: “I think procrastination is one of the main reasons why so many people in our society suffer from constipation. Few studies have been done on it, but I am convinced that popular wisdom is “You’re tired of shit, you’re tired of shit.” Or “kakken precedes baking, even though the oven is hot” is just right. Research shows that women suffer from constipation more than men, and in daily life we ​​also find that mainly women are the ones who delay when it comes to going to the toilet. “

Wrong position
De Luz: “Your position on the toilet plays a role too. A good toilet position is where you put your pants on the floor and lift your feet a little higher, like a squat position. For a smooth bowel movement, your knees should be about 12 inches higher than your hips. Ideally, Our toilets can be hung a little at home, like in kindergarten, but with Ikea footstool you also get perfect knee height. “

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