200 healthcare workers in Suriname receive land papers

200 zorgmedewerkers AZP krijgen grondpapieren

Tuesday, November 15th was a special day for healthcare providers; More than 200 nursing staff at Paramaribo Academic Hospital (AZP) received their land documents on Tuesday. President Santokhi on this occasion referred to the hard work done in a short time to accommodate these people.

It is the policy of the Government of Suriname to provide every Surinamese with a plot of land. One of the most important things people need is a roof over their heads. And before that, owning a plot of land is a must. “They used this piece of land, so it’s useful,” said Chief Santokhi.

The Head of State also noted that healthcare providers play an important role in society. They were also a rock in the surf during the pandemic. “There is certainly more to be done for this group,” the prime minister noted.

In addition to the Head of State, Vice President Ronnie Brunswick, Speaker of Parliament Marinus B., and Ministers Dinota Forswick of Land Policy and Forest Management (GBB) and Ammar Ramadan of Public Health were present at the AZP.

Having your lot provides stability in life. “We intend to issue 1,700 declarations of readiness for people working in healthcare and other groups,” said Minister Forsvik.

The plots of land are located in Geertruidenberg on the Commewijne River in the Commewijne district. Those eligible will have to take the necessary steps within six months to receive a final decision. Minister Forsvik requested that this be done in a timely manner so that the data would not expire.

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