123 days in shackles couldn’t save Alexander and Victoria’s relationship after all

123 days in shackles couldn't save Alexander and Victoria's relationship after all

RTL Nieuws spoke with the couple in April. They were together for two months by then. At the time they said that love was “completely back”. Now they think differently: the handcuffs are loose, but the relationship is over.

In total, Alexander and Victoria hung together for 123 days. On Valentine’s Day, the shackles were cut, and the last week was cut.

They told Reuters news agency that they got to know each other quite well during that time. Maybe it’s good: “We’re obviously not made for each other,” says Alexander. “We follow a different path in our lives,” Victoria adds.

Life captivated the two Ukrainians because they had an on-again, off-again relationship that they both wanted to save. “We were hoping to get close to each other again.”


In April, they said that after a short break, they decided not to distance themselves, but to handcuff each other. And so they had to shower together, go to the bathroom together, and spend every minute of the day together.

They can all be followed on the couple’s Instagram account. In the last photo they posted, they can be seen separately. They are looking at the floor and the comment is nothing more than “…”.

Alexander does not regret the experience. Thanks to experience, he learns that he and Viktoria do not get along well. The couple plans to auction off the handcuffs and donate some of the money to charity.

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