12 Months of YouTube Premium Free: Is Google Really Giving Loyal Subscribers a Free Year?


Google Music Streaming Platform youtube music It established itself after long initial difficulties and probably found a user base mainly through several free three-month campaigns. There’s a report floating around the web these days that talks about a gift for loyal users: As a thank you for your long-term membership, there’s one year of YouTube Premium for free. However, the origin is unclear.

youtube music free covers for 12 months

YouTube Music and YouTube Premium, along with its predecessor YouTube Red, have been available for many years and offer paid subscribers unlimited music enjoyment, ad-free platforms, and other benefits. A few days ago, we also reported on a solid campaign for loyal users: As a thank you for your 2,222-day membership, there’s one year of YouTube Premium for free. Needless to say, many jumped on it pretty quickly and opened the YouTube Music app in anticipation.

However, a Google spokesperson has now clarified that this procedure does not exist and that the origin cannot be explained. This is a little surprising, because in fact everything was fine: Google is famous for sometimes giving gifts to loyal and paid users (for example with smart speakers, Stadia packages and the like), a period of 2222 days can be understood, and the screen is like Google-like It is difficult to understand why the user falsified this procedure. If there was a link to this it would be different.

So either the user has a lot of time and wants to enjoy or the Google spokesperson is not informed about this action. With a company like Google, it is very likely that the left hand will not know what the right hand is doing. And since the pool of eligible users should be very easy to manage, this isn’t a big campaign. I also tend to fake it, but I wouldn’t rule it out completely. It wouldn’t hurt to click on YouTube Music and take a quick look 🙂

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