11 video games you should have played in 2020

11 video games you should have played in 2020

While 2020 has been a difficult year, video games have helped ease some of the uncertainty. We have listed 11 of the best games you should have played this year.

At many points throughout 2020, video games have been one of the main sources of entertainment. Between lockdown, lockdown and two-week quarantine, we’ve spent most of our time in our homes / apartments / apartments this year trying to keep ourselves from going crazy.

It’s a good thing that so many excellent games have been launched this year. And here I thought 2019 was insurmountable. Maybe 2020 had caused her to blow out of the water. Which is great. It’s a great year to be a player, that’s for sure.

Here is the list of games you should have played during the year 2020, in alphabetical order.

Animal Crossing: New Horizons

Animal Crossing: New Horizons It was released on March 20 this year, just as COVID has escalated. I actually didn’t buy my copy until the following week because I wasn’t interested, and I hadn’t run any of the series before.

But new Horizons It was a savior because my state is closed. Many of us pour hours upon hours of our time on a daily basis crafting the perfect island, in an effort to increase our ranking for the legendary KK Slider to decorate our island. I spent nearly every night for a solid eight weeks cultivating handicrafts, digging, fish and bugs, and using Nook Miles tickets to visit other islands to exploit their resources as well.

Would this game have been so big had it not been for a global pandemic? Perhaps, because it’s a popular series. But the community and camaraderie that came with it helped take her to the next level. Even Elijah Wood got into the business!



This was one of the strange PlayStation 5 games of the summer. When it was announced that it would be free for PS Plus members and PS5 owners until early January, I decided to give it a try. why not?

It Pokemon Snap. It Pokemon Snap But with Grumpuses as characters and bugsnax as Pokémon. They are all great and very entertaining types. You play as a journalist crashing on Snacktooth Island to interview Elizabeth Megafig about the Bugsnax results (and yes, all the characters’ names are ridiculous. Wiggle Wigglebottom is my personal favorite).

Of course, Lizbert is missing and you are now tasked with taking the people of Snaxburg back into town, as they have all gone their separate ways since Liz’s disappearance. The game isn’t terribly long (only about 8 hours, including side missions), but it will keep you relatively entertained the whole time, especially when it comes to the last 45 minutes of gameplay.


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Cyberpunk 2077

Even though it was only released on December 10th, it’s still considered this year! While his release was pushed and pushed again and paid one more timeAnd the Cyberpunk 2077 Finally released to the public. And while there was an insane amount of bugs in the console versions with patches already available and more to come, the computer was running like a dream.

Which Gorgeous A game with an insane amount of detail. Just looking at the front areas made me pause and examine the finer details. Not far from the game, but with dozens of hours in front of me, there is a lot to discover in this game. After waiting eight years for this game since its announcement, it’s time to dig in the Night City.

Eternal death

Can you really go wrong with the the death Game? Eternal death Released the same day Animal Crossing: New Horizons The memes were excellent.

Single player campaign takes about 15-20 hours to complete; The multiplayer fighting mode offers a 2-for-1 setup of demons versus killers where the most fun is discovering the abilities of the demon you are playing. It is very entertaining.

Eternal death It is just fun. You go from tearing demons in half with your bare hands to forging your way across defensive lines of demons. The amount of weapons is just ugly and necessary. it’s a the death The game, after all.

Final Fantasy VII remake

Fans were calling for Final Fantasy VII remake For years. To see these characters from Super Mario 64The boldly colored 3D versions now look really alive, with the breathing creatures making you pause and pause to appreciate how far the technology has come.

While it honors the original game in many ways, it also builds on that original foundation and puts its own twist on the franchise. Side tasks that took a few minutes in the original script can sometimes take over an hour. But it is not boring. It builds on the world. It’s the first game my husband has ever owned on PlayStation Platinum. He was invested in every aspect.

If you are huge Final Fantasy Admire, you will be dazzled by what this game accomplishes.

Besides, there will be Part 2 in a few years as the story ends. We just know that.

The ghost of Tsushima

The ghost of Tsushima It is a very nice game. You played right on the heels The Last of Us Part 2 And her artistic optics felt like a breath of fresh air. Watching Jane standing in the middle of the woods as the petals fall blocking the camera took my breath away.

Not only are the visual effects amazing, but the gameplay is also great. The stealth doesn’t work as it should, but that is one of the few drawbacks of this game. The story engages you, the combat is varied enough to keep you entertained and you want to upgrade your armor and weapons to face more enemies.

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Additionally, you can choose to play it in English or Japanese with English subtitles. There’s also an option to play in Kurosawa mode, which is a tribute to the Japanese director, and it’s excellent.


Hades It was a surprise to me. I didn’t expect to fully enjoy almost every aspect of it, and I was more than thrilled to see it nominated for the Game of the Year award.

If you haven’t played it, it’s a rogue-like game where every time you die, you start from the start. The only things you keep are different types of coins and upgrades for your weapons. You play as Zagreus, son of Hades, as you try to make your way out of the layers of Hell and reach Mount Olympus.

Along the way, you get different powers of Gods, upgrades to your weapons, and a story that’s deeper than you might think. Dying over and over is not the same as playing Demon souls Where it gets very frustrating. Most of the time, it’s welcome. The graphics and humor are just great. Zagreus’ irony and intelligence are practically unmatched.

High Immortals Phoenix

High Immortals Phoenix It is the closest you will play it Breath of the wild For the first time again. Playing this is the perfect combination of Breath of the wild And the Final Fantasy. The graphics remind you of Zelda – as do a fair amount of gameplay – but the combat is a great mix of Zelda and Final Fantasy.

You’ll find yourself drawn to the story as it continues, and want to help Fenyx save the gods from Typhon’s wrath, especially if you’re a fan of Greek mythology. The leveling system and skill trees are complex enough to keep you invested in collecting ambrosia, Zeus Lightning, and Charon coins.

seriously. If you liked The same wild Give this a try.


Resident Evil 3 (New Edition)

Maybe not a great idea to play a video game about a virus outbreak during a global pandemic outbreak, but this is what my husband wanted to play when I wasn’t using the TV Animal crossing.

Despite the delicate plot, jumping back into the heart of Raccoon City feels like a warm welcome home … even with all the zombies. After last year Resident Evil 2 Remake, this game looks like a welcome addition to the plethora of new releases of old games that have appeared in the last few years.

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While it left out some elements from the original, it still packs a fun punch, even despite its shorter height. And seeing an old game “upgraded” in the graphics is fun.

Spider-Man: Miles Morales

“Who is Morales?” Not something I asked at the end of the past Spider Man Game, and Miles takes center stage in this 2018 sequel from Sony. I tasted Miles in that game, but it was only revealed that he was bitten by a radioactive spider in the end.

In this game, Peter Parker is on business vacation in Europe with MJ and Miles being the only Spider-Man in New York. It’s a huge responsibility for a kid still in high school, especially when it appears that Roxxon has suddenly become invalid and Tinkerer is ramping up his forces to eliminate Roxxon.

There is a playback theme for many of the games on this list, and Miles Morales She is just so pretty. I played on the PS5 with ray tracing, and at one point stopped to marvel at the snow hitting Miles’ suit and melting. It looked incredibly real.

If you play first Spider Man, You’ll love this too.


The Last of Us Part 2

Naughty Dog always offers high-quality games and this sequel has been highly anticipated for several years. There is a very large gap between opinions of critics and opinions of players when it comes to this The Last of Us Part 2. If you are a fan of the first game, you will find yourself happy to be back in this world … or as happy as you can play a post-apocalyptic game during a global pandemic.

As for the sequel, half the game is played as Ellie, who you’ll learn from the first game, and the other half as Abby, a newcomer who has been exposed to a lot of enthusiasm from players who have been awarded … certain plot points. We won’t go into spoiler details here, but it does play a big part in the overall story.

Of course, Naughty Dog never fails to deliver completely breathtaking pictures, and The Last of Us Part 2 It still looks pretty cool, building on the world depicted in the first game and taking us to snowy locations and inside dilapidated museums. You can play this game only in different locations.

Finally, Musharraf L. Between us. The game technically came online multiplayer in 2018, but it has made a comeback in late summer / fall this year as a great way to hang out with almost friends and turn into enemies!

What games did you play in 2020 that weren’t on our list? Let us know in the comments!

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