100 Steel Thieves in TSM: “If there is a god and you make them bleed, you know you can take them down”

Image via 100 Thieves

Offer 100 thieves to Valorant First Strike: North American Grand Finals today – and only one team stands between them and the Cup.

He snatched 100 thieves from the goalkeepers in a close match to the semi-final 2-1 today. But tomorrow they will face the TSM firing squad all-cylinder, especially with their new Dueling Trio. While TSM is considered by many to be one of the best teams in NA, Joshua Nissan “Steel” feels the match can “go in any direction”.

“If there’s a god and you make them bleed, you know you can take them down,” Steele told Dot Esports. “It’s not like we’re sitting here and setting them on a pedestal. We know we can beat them … The only thing that will stop us from taking this cup home is being ourselves.”

In the closed NSG playoffs for November, the 100 thieves swept TSM 2-0. The team then went on to beat the Sentinels before losing to Team Envy in the Grand Final. With everything at stake tomorrow, Steele believes his team can defeat them again.

But TSM’s team looks a little different since 100 thieves last encountered them. After keepers reduced in Patch 1.11, TSM began trying three duelists to emphasize firepower and aggression. Steele admits it will be a “different look” for the 100 thieves because they don’t have a lot of actors against the class.

In the end, Steele feels his team is ready.

He said, “We just need to understand … that we are ready for them.” “We defeated them before, so we can.”

The Grand Finals match kicks off tomorrow between 100 Thieves and TSM at 3 pm Cairo time.

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