10 video games you need to play if you like the movie franchise

10 video games you need to play if you like the movie franchise

Although it was created to act as Steven Spielberg and George Lucas’ rage at James Bond, Indiana Jones has equaled, if not topped, 007 in popularity. Dr. Jones has drawn a powerful legacy in the world of cinema, which has influenced by proxy a whole host of great video games.

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The Indiana Jones The movies actually spawned their own series of official video games, with most of them ranging from very impressive games to simply passable games. With that being said, perhaps Indiana Jones’ greatest legacy in the videogame world is the games he felt influenced by.

10 Mist (1993-1996)

It’s best to start with antiques, but few people would have guessed Mist. One of the most popular point and click adventure games known to humanity, Mist It is famous for its attractive atmosphere and unique and mysterious environment.

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At first glance, Mist It might feel more Twin Peaks From Indiana JonesBut if one takes his hidden mysteries into account, he will realize that Doctor Jones would have a field day if he was dropped in the middle of this island. Mist It might be a little slower than Indiana Jones Movie, but the similarities are there.

9 Star Wars: The Jedi Knight-Jedi Academy (2003)

This is an occasion where George Lucas’ second most famous creations from his first works were sent. If there is a fan of Indiana JonesThey likely like it star Wars. Even if the aforementioned fan doesn’t get much of it star WarsAnd the Jedi Knight-Jedi Academy It would still be a cure for them.

The story, which shows a customizable Jedi Knight named Jaden trying to prevent a sect of Dark Side users from resurrecting the old Sith Lord, feels very indy. Also, the game’s final location appears to have been rooted out of it Raiders of the Lost Ark.

8 Foxy Cooper series (2002-2013)

Sony Computer Entertainment has a habit of wearing several mascots rather than settling on one, but the most underrated is Sly Cooper. The parallels in Indiana Jones are even more evident here, as Sly and his gang travel the world, often searching for a particular artifact.

if Indiana Jones And the Zootopia He had a child and that kid was a huge fan of him Kill Bill, The Cooper is sly The franchise will be the resulting product. Hopefully the post-cliffhanger credits scene for the fourth entry isn’t the last thing players will see on Theivius Raccoonus.

7 The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time (1998)

What can be said about the alleged best game ever? While The Legend of Zelda He has many potentially eligible entries, however Ocarina of time Feel a little more than Indiana Jones.

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The many, many dungeons of the games have a vibe straight out of the Indiana Jones movie, albeit with a slight injection of imagination. For those who are still sleeping in this classic style, give it a try. Also, good luck in the Water Temple.

6 Aladdin (1993)

This is the third best-selling Sega Genesis game Indiana Jones-esque Classic also includes a very fun Super Nintendo port as well. Aladdin, Based on the Disney classic of the same name, was an early 1990s gamer favorite.

Putting everyone’s favorite street rat on an adventure through the ages, AladdinMuch like the movie it’s based on, it has a lot in common with Indiana Jones. A ruthless adventurer, a charming villain, and a multitude of strange locations that feel as if uprooted directly from Steven Spielberg’s imagination. What more could an indy fan want?

5 Bloodrayne (2002-2003)

At first glance, BloodrayneIn which a vampire kills an army of bad guys, you might not even feel it Indiana Jones. However, once the plot reaches your ears, the parallels become more apparent.

The series’ first entry shows the main character Ryan stalking a group of Nazis to prevent them from getting their hands on an ancient artifact, “the Pilar Skull”. Indeed, audiences can watch the comparison of two Indiana Jones movies

4 Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time (2003-2004)

The Prince of Persia The series has gone through many iterations. From the original 1989 release to the second reboot in 2008, the prince appears to have changed a few times, thus far The Sands of Time It remains the most beloved entry for the series.

Ubisoft’s first stab at Prince of Persia It’s Jones-y, mostly because the entire plot revolves around an artifact that this time plays an important role in the gameplay. Also, the place and adventures of ancient Persia are private to the prince The Sands of Time Indiana Jones spray.

3 From Russia with Love (2005)

anyway 64- Ali It gets all the praise, and other games based on James Bond tend not to be mentioned. One project that might be of interest to Indiana Jones fans is From Russia with love. Based on the movie of the same name, the game is best known as the last performance of the late Sir Sean Connery as 007.

Indiana Jones Stanzs might be a poor place for Sir Shawn indeed, as he put on an excellent performance as Doctor Jones’ father, Henry Jones Sr., in Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade. Regardless, he played this hugely underestimated game that would only add to the actor’s legacy.

2 Tomb Raider Trilogy (2013-2018)

If someone says that Tomb Raider is inspired by Indiana Jones, the only way to respond is to say “no-doh.” However, why the reboot trilogy from the 2010s before the original game series takes on further explanation.

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The one thing that sets Indiana Jones apart from James Bond is that Jones is more likely to go wrong. The thing Bond could solve in 8 seconds Jones might take longer. This is also something that separates modern and original Lara Croft. It might be a little controversial, but the new Lara is a little closer to the Indiana Jones character than OG Lara.

1 The Anonymous Series (2007-2017)

Could it be anything else? Much like how Indiana Jones was designed to send James Bond, so do the old 1940s series that Spielberg and Lucas saw as children, Anonymous Is sending Indiana Jones. A true sunrise and sunset scenario if there is a scenario.

The similarities are almost always very clear. Global adventures, super villains, arrogant love interests, and even main man Nathan Drake feels like an update to Indy. Although Drake may not have an Indiana Jones hat or hat, he definitely has his soul.

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