10 Marvel characters have changed drastically for movies, TV, and video games

10 Marvel characters have changed drastically for movies, TV, and video games

There have been copious adaptations of Marvel heroes and villains over the years. Be it on the big or small screen or even in a video game, the creative teams behind many of these projects felt they needed to move away from the comic book story.

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Be it to suit their own narrative or perhaps give a fresh look to the character, these changes have drastically affected the legacy of Marvel supers. Some of these changes should be considered a massive success, while others may have lacked some comedic appeal in their own iterations.

10 Tamper

Reformed Spider-Man Miles Morales

With Miles Morales getting his video game on the PS5, the main villain has been announced. In a surprising turn of events, Tinkerer is brought into the game, although not exactly how the character is presented naturally.

Not only is the character switched between genders, but its purpose is completely different to that of storyboards. More anarchist who has cool inventions, rather than someone outfitting Spidey villains, this version of the famous enemy might be the most interesting yet.

9 Electro

Electro Amazing Spider-Man 2

The Amazing Spider-Man 2 It brought the popular Electro to the big screen, but the results were definitely mixed. The character felt a far cry from the comics, being presented in a way that gave him a pathetic origin. It is easiest to compare this version to the final version in several ways.

Getting a black actor into the role was a great choice that brought the formidable Jimmy Fox into the mix. However, the character was presented completely differently, which weakened the casting choice. From the outfit to how his skin glowed blue, there was minimal resemblance to the classic Electro.

8 Doctor Octopus

Doctor Octopus spider verse

Another Spider-Man villain has changed on the big screen. This was another new experience that definitely paid off. Doctor Octopus has always been a male, but my creator In the spider verse He has a new idea.

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Bringing in Olivia Octavius ​​was a stroke of genius. Not only did this turn shock audiences really when it was revealed, but it also gave the character a unique design and a new set of characteristics. This was a great move by Sony.

7 Dead list

The Origins of Deadpool Wolverine

The fan movie Deadpool originally had on screen was a faded comparison to the comic book character. Ryan Reynolds was a great choice, but nothing else about the character really feels like compassion with a mouth.

Fortunately, this terrible choice would be corrected later when Deadpool received an elaborate burlesque costume and fourth humor. However, the original onscreen version was a terrible representation of the wacky and violent hero.

6 Vision

Era Marvel Vision from Ultron

In appearance, the vision is pretty much the same as storyboards. In fact, it’s rare to find such an accurate design when it comes to a character like this. But its origins are very different compared to the source on which it is based.

In the comics, it is Hank Beam who created Ultron, which actually changed the initial storyline. Moreover, Jarvis is a personal servant and not an AI system. The Vision comic is also given life with the help of Wonder Man, who isn’t even a character featured in the MCU!

5 Quiksilver

Quiksilver X Men

Quicksilver is a complex character in comics. The MCU adaptation is perhaps a little closer to the source material, although there is still a lack of links between them. As for being the X-Men, Quicksilver is basically a different character.

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Happy Fast Driver with no criminal background or looks like a twin with Scarlet Witch; The Quicksilver version on the big screen doesn’t have the same edge as the character’s comic.

4 the old

Curious Old Marvel Doctor

There has been much controversy surrounding the depiction of the Ancient One in the comics that the original portrayal of the character may have played a role in racial stereotypes. Marvel Studios wanted to avoid this controversy completely and change the character.

Instead they catch a glamorous look at Tilda Swinton. While this was a change of gender and race, the character was supposed to be an androgynous way. It was not clear in which part of the world the character actually originated.

3 Spider Man

Subaidman Spider-Man

Supaidaman has become an iconic character who remains a beloved iteration of Spider-Man to this day. It has now appeared in the comics and even its next sequel Spider verse, This character definitely made Marvel history.

Featuring her own logo, a completely different origin story, and a giant robot, the character shares the same outfit and powers. The Japanese feel and Emissary from Hell is definitely just as rounder as the original Peter Parker.

2 Death Doctor

Doctor Doom Fantastic Four

Doctor Doom has been adapted twice for the big screen and at no time is the character really surprised. The original design was a lot closer to the comics, but the newer version was very different in terms of its looks.

The lack of character charm, his role as leader of Latvia, and his origin story changed both times. Fans hope the character will finally get a closer adaptation to the comics if Doom makes it to the MCU.

1 Big Hero 6

Big Hero 6 Marvel Disney

Big Hero 6 is actually a Marvel comic, but there are few connections between the original story and the big screen, Disney’s animated adaptation. The movie itself was incredibly successful and told the story of Hiro as he takes revenge on his brother and forms a team of superheroes.

While some basic ideas remain, it is difficult to compare the comics to the movie and TV show due to the profound design changes, the lack of ties to the X-Men, and the overall goal of the group. Regardless, it is still part of Marvel’s legacy and has certainly been well received by critics and fans alike.

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