10 DC characters that have been significantly altered for movies, TV, or video games

10 DC characters that have been significantly altered for movies, TV, or video games

DC Comics has a host of interesting and unusual characters, but not all of them feel they can be faithfully adapted to the big or small screen. Over the years, there have been a number of attempts to bring these iconic heroes into live action modes and video games.

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Sometimes the character changes dramatically so that the person fits into the larger narrative that is being created. Some of these changes were for the better and inspired a whole new set of stories in the comics, while other times the changes left fans confused because the original was so much better.

10 Green arrow

Green Arrowverse

Green Arrow’s costume design was completely meticulous to the comics, although the source materials have since drew inspiration from the TV show’s selections. However, Oliver Quinn’s character is completely different, which influenced the stories told.

While this is an adorable version of the character, the classic humor he’s known for in the comics has been stripped from the back. With a slightly different background story and a bolder vision, this character is often compared to Batman rather than his hero.

9 Copperhead

Copperhead Arkham The Origins of Batman

Copperhead is not an overly known character. In the comics, the villain is actually a male. Given that this enemy wasn’t exactly a fan favorite, Rocksteady got permission from DC to change the character and completely reinvent it.

The result was the copy of Copperhead found in Arkham origins. Incredibly agile, with poisonous mixed claws and a killer instinct, Copperhead is a dangerous opponent for the Dark Knight to face. The design is also less creepy compared to the comics.

8 Black Canary Bird

Black Arrowverse Canary

Black Canary has been featured on screen a few different times, but it’s fair to say that the Arrowverse is perhaps the furthest from comics when it comes to accurate portrayal. Three different women wore the abaya.

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Each of them feels like an aspect of the character in the comics, but none of them is the complete package. Starting with the original character of Sarah Lance, the role they took on to her sister Laurel before Dinah took the title.

7 Batuman

Batuman Cwdc Ryan

Batwoman has been reworked recently thanks to Kate Kane’s former decision, Ruby Rose, to leave the show. Although it’s sad news, it opens the door for a completely new iteration of Batwoman, a completely original character of the Arrowverse.

The CW is named after Ryan Wilder, and she gets a chance to do something very unique with Batwoman. While the role and character are a complete reinvention of what happened before, it is definitely an exciting prospect for the future of the franchise.

6 Red cover

Arkham Knight DC Red Hood

Much the same way like Arkham originsRocksteady decided to reinvent the character for the third game in the Arkham trilogy. They took the Red Hood and brought a new twist to the character, giving him an even more mysterious role to play.

While the original was still largely the same, the character debuted as Arkham Knight himself. With a stunning original costume and a whole host of new weapons, the story and the hero work well together.

5 Jimmy Olsen

Jimmy Olsen has been adapted for screen many times now, and the two notable versions are Arrowverse and DCEU. Both are very different compared to comedy for a whole host of reasons.

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The Arrowverse version, for example, really fits as the hero known as Guardian. This is a big departure from the comics, although it still has its journalistic roots. For DCEU, the character is actually someone who works in the field of espionage and investigation, even though he gets killed very quickly.

4 energy

Arrowverse Flash Vibe

Vibe is almost completely different compared to comedy. While he might be just as powerful, his full potential was never reached in the Arrowverse before the character lost their powers. The costume is a little similar as his gifts.

But the way he acquired it, as well as his background and public personality is completely different. The biggest change of all is the character’s relationship with the Flash, which is one of the main elements of the show.

3 Cassandra Cain

Cassandra Cain Bird of Prey

Cassandra Cain is the version of Batgirl in the comics. She is incredibly powerful, ferocious and skilled on the battlefield. However, when the character first appeared alongside Harley Quinn, the only real similarity between the two was her name.

Cassandra Cain saw a little thief who had no connections to Batgirl and was definitely not a fighter. wild birds It was a disappointing representation of what the character looked like in DC Comics.

2 Superman

Injustice 2 Superman

Injustice is a completely different thing DC has never really tried before. By combining both the video game franchise and a collection of comics, DC’s most famous heroes and villains have been completely transformed.

Nothing more than a man of steel himself, who had a complete change of attitude. After the death of Lewis Lane, Superman killed the Joker and established a new order on Earth, in which he was in charge of a totalitarian state.

1 Solid

Steel Shaquille O'Neal DC

Steele is a Superman-style character and is perhaps one of DC’s most admired heroes. Instead of following what comic book fans know about the character, the adaptive film decided to turn things around.

With a metal suit, big hammer, and tacky script, this movie became one of the worst comic book adaptations ever. This is still a fun time but it’s unlike what was written before on a remote comic page.

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