10 Beautiful Natural Fairy Tunnels | good news | good news

10 Beautiful Natural Fairy Tunnels |  good news |  good news

Summer is approaching and we are once again thinking of vacationing in beautiful exotic places and cities that promise amazing experiences. But sometimes we forget that the best memories are created in special, hardly touched places. Usually when we let Mother Earth take her course, we can find the most beautiful creations that take full responsibility.

Not convinced yet? Check out the magical tree canopies and natural tunnels – made of ancient trees, sturdy shrubs and colorful flowers – that can be found all over the world. Perhaps one of your next vacation destinations?

1. Wisteria Tunnel – Japan

Wisteria Japan
At the end of April, beginning of May, Kawachi Fuji Gardens in Kitakyushu (Japan) transforms into a magical fairyland. During the ‘Fuji Matsuri’ or ‘Blue Rain Festival’, Japanese wisteria is in full bloom, creating a beautiful promenade through the gardens. Wisteria is a woody creeper that belongs to the legume family.

2. The Dark Hedges – Ireland

dark hedge ierland

One of the most photographed natural attractions in Northern Ireland. The Dark Hedges is a row of beech trees – planted by the Stewart family in the 19th century – that cover the access road to Gracehill House, once intended to impress visitors. More than two centuries later, we’re still a fan of this natural wonder!

3. Het Francisco Alvarado Park – Costa Rica

Park Francisco Costa Rica

This park can not really be called “natural”, because the human influence is clearly noticeable here. However, this is still a great place to visit. Various giant cypress bushes have been pruned into all kinds of shapes and creatures from a fantasy world, sometimes somewhat exotic. For example, one can distinguish a dinosaur, an elephant, mythical creatures, funny faces and all kinds of unique arcs that can be seen together in a fairytale park.

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4. Bamboo Path – Kyoto

kyoto . bamboo pillow
The zen garden at the “Heavenly Dragon Temple” or “Tenryu-ji” in Kyoto is an incredible natural phenomenon. Thousands of bamboo trees form a long, winding natural tunnel through the zen garden. Amazingly, part of the temple was rebuilt after it burned down long ago, but the Zen Garden has continued to grow undisturbed since it was planted.

5. De Laburnum Arch – Wales
Laburnum Arch England

In Wales is one of the most interesting and impressive gardens belonging to the National Trust, the Bodnant Garden. This garden includes the arch of laburnum, a winding path about 55 meters long completely covered with a lush and beautiful “string” of tall yellow flowers of laburnum in late May, early June.

6. Gyeonghwa Railway Station – South Korea


Every year – in April – the Cherry Blossom Festival or “Jinhae Gunhangje” is organized in South Korea. During this special event, thousands of cherry trees can be admired throughout the Qinhai area, but one of the favorites is clearly the 800-meter long row of cherry trees that runs on both sides of the track from Kyunghwa Train Station.

7. Jacaranda trees – South Africa

Jakranda - South Africa

Pretoria, the capital of South Africa, is also known as the “City of Jacaranda” because long rows of these trees with their purple blossoms can be found along the streets. When seen from the nearby hills, the city appears blue/purple during the flowering period due to the many jacaranda trees. Legend also says that when a flower from a Jacaranda tree falls on your head, you will pass all your exams. The boom period coincides with the end-of-year exams for the University of Pretoria.

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8. Tunnel of Poison Trees – England


Several poisonous tree tunnels are known in England. One of these is in Watlington, Oxfordshire. According to the National Trust – a charity dedicated to preserving forests and parks in the UK – it is uncommon to see poison trees growing on chalky rocks. These particular trees were carved out by a continuous southwesterly wind blowing from the open fields.

9. Tunnel of Love – Ukraine

Tunnel of love Akrin

Located in Klevan, a town in Ukraine, deep in the woods, one finds a beautiful green tunnel through which passes a special train track that supplies wood to a local factory nearby. When you walk through this beautiful, leafy tunnel, you imagine yourself in a dream or a scene from the “Secret Garden”. Thanks to its long tunnel of about 3 kilometers, this unusual place in Eastern Europe is a popular attraction for couples in love.

10. Tree De Maple Tunnel – Oregon, America

maple trees

In the fall, when maples lose their leaves, St. Louis, Oregon, witnesses an incredibly beautiful color palette. The deep red color of maple leaves forms an unforgettable tunnel and carpet of leaves, a beautiful design for Mother Earth.

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