1 Lunch: Witnesses heard in the case of ex-teacher sexting | 1 Limburg

1 Lunch: Witnesses heard in the case of ex-teacher sexting |  1 Limburg

A coach will raise money for flood victims, students have heard in the case of texting, a Brunssum teacher and VieCuri Hospital can determine the cause of their recent chest pain. This and more, today at 1Lunch.

Financial campaign for flood victims: a bus running through Limburg
A “Limburg oet de Drup” tour bus will cut across the county on Saturday to collect flood victims. First stop at Venlo. The bus then heads to Weert, Roermond, Sittard, Heerlen and Maastricht and ends in Valkenburg. Read more here.

Students hear the case of texting Bronsum’s teacher
Broekland College students in Hoensbroek will be heard as witnesses this week in the suspected sexting case of former teacher Danny T. of Brunssum. Last summer, it turned out that Danny, who was a geography teacher in pre-professional high school, had sent sexually tainted pictures and messages on social media to an underage student. Read more here.

VieCuri can identify the cause of chest pain
VieCuri Hospital, with locations in Venlo and Venray, was recently able to diagnose a relatively unknown condition that causes complaints such as chest pain, fatigue and shortness of breath. VieCuri is now the fifth hospital in the Netherlands to diagnose cardiovascular impairment. Read more here.

Orange lionesses remain in fourth place in the world ranking
Dutch footballers continue to occupy the fourth place in the world rankings. The Orange team, including New Bergen’s Lake Martins, Hurst’s Dominic Janssen, and Tegelsey Lynn Willems, were eliminated by the United States in the Olympics quarterfinals after a penalty shootout. America continues to lead the world rankings. Read more here.

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Brunssum residents can consider a mobility plan
Should streets be free of traffic? Where should the speed limit be lowered? Brunssum municipality invites residents to contribute ideas for a new mobility plan. Read more here.

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