Russia unveil Corsair tactical UAV

Russian unveiled its new tactical unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) dubbed "Corsair" at the Victory Parade in Red Square.

The all-weather UAV is capable of intelligence, surveillance, target acquisition and reconnaissance (ISTAR) and ground strike missions.

The Corsair is developed by the Russian research and development company Lutch, part of JSC Vega Radio Engineering Corporation.

The Corsair features a high-wing twin-tail boom empennage and an inverted v-tail powered by a piston engine in pusher configuration.

The flight duration of the Corsair is up to 10 hours, with a maximum flight altitude of 6 km, and a range of more than 160 km.

It is equipped with a tricycle retractable landing gear system. The main landing gear retracts into under wing pods.

The new unmanned aerial vehicle is scheduled to enter serial production and Russian service later this year.

Armaments include the ATAKA tube launched anti-tank guided missiles.

Russian Armed Force currently operates the similar, Forpost tactical UAV, a licensed version of the IAI Searcher UAV.