Wednesday, September 13, 2017

New Russian TV7-117ST turboprop engine commence flight testing

The United Engine Corporation has began flight tests of the upgraded Russian TV7-117ST turboprop engine developed by Klimov to power new turboprop aircraft.

The engine is intended to power the IL-112V military transport aircraft and the IL-114-300 regional airliner, while its turboshaft variant powers the Mi-38 helicopter.

The engine is flight tested on board the IL-76LL flying laboratory, with one of its inner starboard PS90 turbofan engine replaced with the TV7-117ST turboprop.

The advanced engine has a maximum takeoff power of 3000 hp, and can deliver 3,600 hp in emergency conditions. It is paired to a six bladed AV-112 propeller developed by Aerosila NPP.

The engine is equipped with FADEC control system that can control the engine speed and propeller pitch to achieve the max fuel efficiency.

United Aircraft Corp is planning to resume the production of the IL-114-300 aircraft with the new engine, which will improve its take off performance.

The IL-112V is a new generation turboprop military airlifter intended to replace the An-26 operated by Russian Armed Forces.

The first prototype of the aircraft has completed final assembly and is planned to achieve first flight in the coming months. With a maximum take off weight of 21 tonnes, the IL-112V can carry a payload of 5 tonne.