Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Iran unveil Saba 248 light utility helicopter

Iran has unveiled a new home made light utility helicopter called Saba 248, powered by two turboshaft engines.

The helicopter was designed and manufactured by country's Helicopter Renovation and Logistics Company (PANHA) along with Defense Ministry’s Aviation Industries Organization.

Capable of seating eight passengers, the Saba 248 will have both military and civilian variants, capable of performing, reconnaissance, search and rescue, transportation and air ambulance roles.

The external design and the cockpit layout of the Saba 248 closely resemble that of a Leonardo AW109 light twin engined helicopter that entered service in the 1976.Major difference between the two are in the fixed skid used on the Saba 248, while the AW109 had retractable landing gear and in the design of the tail section.

Details about the helicopter's engine and performance parameters, as usual were not revealed.

Like the AW109, the Saba 248 is also equipped with a wire strike protection system, just above the front windscreen.