Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Bombardier launches 90 seat Q400 turboprop airliner

Bombardier launched a 90 seat variant of its Q400 aircraft, making it the world’s only commercial turboprop capable of carrying 90 passengers.

The capacity increase was achieved by internal cabin adjustments and minor structural modification to the aircraft.

Bombardier had earlier delivered a 86 seat variant of the Q400 to Thailand's Nok Air with 29 inch seat pitch, by converting the aircraft's right side baggage door into an emergency exit door, eliminating the front baggage compartment and galley modification.

 An extra row of seats was added to the 86 seat variant, by changing the configuration of the front right-hand door and moving back the aft pressure bulkhead.

Bombardier claims by offering 12 to 14 more seats, the Q400 can offer 20 per cent cash operating cost advantage per seat and over $8 million US additional value per aircraft compared to competing turboprops like the ATR-72.

The high density variant also features a 2,000 lb-increase in payload and an escalation of the A-Check and C-Check maintenance intervals from 600/6,000 to 800/8,000 flight hours.

The type can enter service as early as 2018.

The Q400 aircraft family includes over 60 owners and operators in almost 40 countries. The worldwide fleet, which has logged more than 6.7 million flight hours, has transported more than 413 million passengers.

Bombardier has recorded firm orders for a total of 547 Q400 aircraft.