Saturday, August 29, 2015

MAKS 2015: Laser rangefinder equipped Yak-130 unveiled

Irkut Corporation, part of United Aircraft Corporation has unveiled its Yak-130 trainer jet fitted with a laser rangefinder that improves its ground attack capabilities, at MAKS airshow in Moscow.

The laser rangefinder will aide the pilot to visually identify ground and surface targets, and in measuring the slant range.

Addition of laser rangefinder will convert the trainer jet into a light attack aircraft and enable it to be used in rugged terrain (mountains, gorges), improve the accuracy of determining the coordinates of the targets and expand the range of weapons to be carried onboard.

Yak-130 can carry guided and unguided weapons, which allows using the aircraft, both during training and in combat missions.

The total mass of the combat load stored at nine external hardpoints is 3000 kg. An open architecture avionics allows you to expand the range of weapons by looking airborne weapons of Russian and foreign developments.

The twin seat subsonic advanced jet trainer/light attack aircraft or lead-in fighter trainer was originally developed jointly by Russian Yakovlev and Italian Alenia Aermacchi.

The partnership split in 2000, and the Italian aircraft was named the M-346. The trainer is currently operated by Russia, Bangladesh and Belarus.

The M-346 is operated by Italy, Singapore and Israel.