Thursday, August 27, 2015

Images: CSeries complete water ingestion tests

Bombardier confirmed today it successfully completed its C Series aircraft’s water ingestion tests in Mirabel, Qu├ębec – the tests validate how the aircraft behaves on rain-soaked runways.

“These were interesting and spectacular tests to watch – as the C Series simulated landings in shallow pools of water. The team verified that neither the water under the aircraft nor the spray generated by the nose landing gear entered the engines nor the auxiliary power unit, or impacted performance,” said Rob Dewar, Vice President, C Series Aircraft Program. “We’re moving ahead nicely having completed yet another test.”

About the Water Ingestion Test

The CS300 flight test vehicle performed the tests, also known as the “water trough” tests, by travelling through with a water trough to simulate realistic conditions. The aircraft reached a maximum speed of 120 knots (approximately 220 km/h) during the tests.

After the fabrication and installation of the Bombardier designed water trough, a team of flight test engineers, flight test pilots and maintenance specialists were on hand to collect the results for further analysis.

Results of these tests will be relevant for both CS100 and CS300 aircraft models.