Second Naval Tejus NP2 flies

The second Naval prototype (NP2) of India's first indigenously developed carrier-borne fighter, the LCA Tejus Navy made its first flight today in Bengaluru.

The flight was piloted by Captain Shivnath Dahiya, an Indian Navy test pilot with the National Flight Test Centre (NFTC), lasted about 35 minutes.

The chase aircraft cover was provided by Tejus LSP2 piloted by Gp. Capt. Suneet Krishna (Retd) with the Test Director being Gp. Capt Prabhu and the Safety Pilot being Gp. Capt. RR Tyagi.

NP 2 differs significantly from its twin-seat predecessor, NP-1, which first flew in April 2012.

The NP 2 addresses several systemic deficiencies observed whilst making progress on flight test of Naval Prototype 1.

It incorporates most avionic hardware components promised to the customer, Indian Navy.

During design and build NP 2 has been customized (Plug & Play) to incrementally accept modifications for Carrier Landing aids like Levcon Air Data Computer, Auto-throttle, external and internal Angle of Attack lights.

NP 2 is the lead aircraft for arrestor hook integration, Derby Beyond visual Range missile and tactical data link.

The inclusion of NP 2 into the LCA (Navy) flight test stable is a significant milestone in the indigenous Carrier borne aircraft development program.

Recently the NP1 successfully commenced take off trials from a shore based ramp, designed to replicate the ski-jump take-off and arrested landing on a aircraft carrier.

The Naval Tejus differs from Airforce variant, in having a redesigned and stronger landing gear, drooped nose cone for increases vision for carrier landings and Leading Edge Vortex Control (LEVCON) system for effective lift control for carrier landings.