Piper Delivers 500th Turboprop Meridian

Piper Aircraft delivered the 500th single-engine turboprop M-Class Meridian aircraft to a unnamed Florida-based owner.
This is a milestone delivery of the 500 th Piper Meridian, since first delivery in the year 2000.
Designed to meet the stringent requirements of scheduled business and personal transportation, the Piper Meridian combines advanced Garmin avionics with the reliable, proven Pratt & WhitneyCanada’s PT6A-42A turboprop engine. The Meridian provides turboprop power, 1,000 nm range, 260 ktas cruise speed and Flight Into Known Icing capability. Passengers enjoy the low vibration levels of the Meridian's turboprop engine, the comfort of a pressurized, air-conditioned cabin environment and seating comparable to that found in aircraft costing twice as much.