Van Wermeskerken sees the boiling point approaching the trade conflict

Wednesday, November 17, 2021 at 4:48 pm

Sushi Rocco, the Zwolle Sai van Wermeskerken sushi tent, threatens to go bankrupt, you know RTV East. PEC advocate Zwolle started his own business in April of this year, but has been unable to pay employees in recent months. Van Wermskerken also has creditors after him, including a contractor who wants 40,000 euros from the footballer. Creditors are now filing a bankruptcy petition, the broadcaster learned.

The trade conflict has been around Van Wermeskerken for some time now. The deceived employees, some of whom have tens of thousands of euros in credit, hired a lawyer to make their point. “I’ve never seen a case like this before,” said attorney Pascal Reichenbach. “After this story appeared in the media last month, I was contacted by several people who said they were still receiving money from Shinya Nabae (Van Wermeskerken’s business partner, editor). From people from the Netherlands to a businessman from Germany and a party from Japan. “

The gig from Japan is said to be a group of investors who come from the Van Wermeskerken network and include some former professional footballers. They invested tons of things in Nabae’s business, but never saw a cent in return. There is also a businessman in the west of the country who is said to have sold a restaurant for around 140,000 euros. However, after a deposit of 29,000 euros, Al-Nabei will not pay an extra cent. The restaurant in question has since gone bankrupt. Also in the case of Sushi Rocco, Reichenbach is bleak. “Bankruptcy is inevitable,” concludes the lawyer.

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Van Wermskerken described the allegations in an earlier response as “deliberate attempts to harm him as a professional footballer”. “It’s a shame, because such matters should be discussed by lawyers,” he said. stentor. “Doing business is definitely not easy. I learned a lot of things and will continue to work hard. In football and in business.” The doors of the Van Wermeskerken restaurant are now closed.


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