Van Nistelrooy, an arrogant striker in the past, turns out to be a social person

Van Nistelrooy, an arrogant striker in the past, turns out to be a social person

When Marjoline Lankhut of SOS Children’s Villages, a charity that provides assistance to vulnerable children, searches for a new ambassador, she ends up in the world of football. And in every conversation you have about potential candidates, one name always appears.

Despite his busy life, Van Nistelrooy loves to become an ambassador. When Lankhout stopped at the charity years later, she called the footballer to thank him. The conversation takes a different turn. “I want to stop,” said Brabant on the other side of the line.

Lankhut is surprised. Although there are ambassadors who want to stop, very few dare to point it out. Van Nistelrooy explains that he is very busy and travels a lot.

Looking back, Lankhut thinks it was a solid decision. “It indicates its purpose.” If van Nistelrooy does something, he wants to do it well. He is disappointed that he can no longer give SOS Children’s Villages the attention they deserve.

That American athlete again

The two continue talking. The Dutch national team striker returns to that American athlete. He takes his notes from then on again. Most of his good life is largely due to his footballing talent. Because no one saw that talent in him.

He touches it again and Van Nistelrooy feels intrinsically motivated to throw something back. “Hi Margolin, this is Rod. Do you want to think carefully about my establishment?”

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