An Honest Evaluation of PDFBear’s Unlocking tool for Encrypted PDF

One of the most prevalent issues with data sharing and transmission over the internet is unauthorized access and use of data. Because of this, many people were put in jeopardy since it is their identity that was used to create a whole new persona for scamming. There are other risks, so the best way is to protect the file you share over the internet.

Thankfully, experts found an efficient way to combat the risk that the internet carries. To protect the files that you want to share on the internet, you can put a password on it so only those who have the code can access the file’s content. However, the downside is that not anyone can open it, especially those who do not know the appropriate tool to do so.

What is PDFBear?

PDFBear is a web-based platform that allows consumers to Unlock PDF Files. The website also converts PPT to PDF, Excel to PDF, Word to PDF, etc. More than that, they offer other PDF-related services like content modifications. This platform is one of the most reliable decryption tools on the internet because of the quality, convenience, and security it offers.

Evaluating GoGoPDF’s performance using different metrics

To assess the performance of PDFBear’s decryption tool, I will use four criteria. The first one is on convenience, which will include the processing speed and website layout. The second will be on privacy security, which will tackle what makes its privacy protection unique. The third will be on the platform compatibility. Finally, the last will be a comparison to software.

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Assessing the Convenience

PDFBear is hands-down one of the most convenient decryption tools there is, and it is even comparable to the most expensive software. The process will be on four steps which are extremely easy to follow. For the first step, upload the unlocked file on the server by selecting it on your device, or you may also drag the file directly to the toolbox on the website.

Once done, enter the password on the field, which is the second step of the process. For the third step, press the button that says “Unlock PDF.” The website will scan the file before converting it, which is the last step. Wait for the processing to finish. It is very speedy, so there is no need to worry. In three minutes at most, you can already have your PDF unlocked.

To add to the platform’s convenience features is its elementary-level web design. When you visit the website, you will immediately understand the function of each button and hyperlink. As if that is not easy to understand enough, the creators posted the conversion’s four-step process to remind you if you forget one of the steps in the middle of the conversion process.

Assessing the Privacy Security

Nowadays, where information becomes accessible to almost everyone using the internet, there is a must that each user be responsible for the way they use their data—being responsible means being extremely careful on the website you trust by reading thoroughly its privacy policy, especially those that require you to download personal files.

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This is because other people can use the information on the uploaded files against you. Thankfully, privacy Security is something that the website values, and it is evident in how they frame their privacy policy. To prove that, they protect your uploaded files using a high-quality encryption tool. They also delete the files from the server an hour after the processing.

Assessing platform compatibility

It is also a joy to know that the creators took the time to ensure that the website is universally compatible. Their test runs include every platform there is—devices, operating systems, and even browsers. Hence, you would not have a problem accessing and working with PDFBear. This is even if you have an old operating system or a non-mainstream web browser.

A brief comparison to software and why it is better

A big comparison point with PDFBear and software, aside from its price, is its effect on your device, especially on your storage. Since the software uses your device’s storage, you face the probable risk of lagging and slow performance. You will not experience that with PDFBear as everything the process is on cloud storage. All you need to prepare is an internet connection.


In general, I could say that PDFBear is a superior website. It is all that a website user could ask for, from its web design to its performance. I could not say anything bad about its performance. Especially considering that you pay little to no dime in accessing such high-quality offers. This is a website that everyone should know of.



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