Top Technologies That Have Changed The Online Casino Industry

The ubiquity of online casinos has rendered online gambling one of the readily accessible forms of entertainment. As both players and developers tend to discover, the technological needs of gambling are specific and often have to be custom-made.

New tech approaches are available now and then to improve the gameplay experience and make the gaming process more worthwhile.

That said, a team of experts from LeafletCasino, who have recently analyzed the best real money casinos,  have covered some critical technology that profoundly modified digital casinos and the gaming sector.

Timeline of Gambling as an Industry

  • [1790’s]

Harry Ogden was the first notable man to profit by gambling on races. As opposed to propositional gambling, his bets were placed on two horses directly, however.

  • [1961]

Federal law permitted the establishment of betting shops. Typically, a bookmarker would study the pages, and an assistant would adjust the odds for races based on info received from Extel.

  • [1998]

On the eve of the internet blowing up, betting companies – notably Betfair and Betdaq – launched the very first online betting sites. Online сasino games, especially poker, became very popular.

  • [2012]

A conservative estimate placed the gross revenue from mobile casinos at $5bn.

  • [2025]

At the end of the fiscal year, the online casino industry is estimated to be worth $57bn.

How Have Mobiles and Apps Changed the Face of Betting?

A quick dive into the annals of history and subsequent comparison with improvements you find is enough to establish how much technology is changing things. Mobile gaming has benefited, especially as gamers have increased by 200% in 2014 alone.

Estimates place the yearly mobile betting volume at just over $100bn. The ubiquity of mobile devices is virtually rendering old-time bookmarkers obsolete. In 2022, online gambling has become nearly half of the online gambling industry.

Mobile Technology

Arguably, the most profound technological advancement to have influenced gambling platforms today is the widespread adoption of smartphones. These days, folks need little more than stable network connectivity to get a shot at playing for real money.

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However, considering their ubiquity, it’s even more important to double-check the reliability of your chosen casinos. There you would find the best and most reliable casinos worth playing with, and you would never have to worry about keeping your earnings safe and away from fraudsters. Casinos are constantly in tow with the latest tech trends and typically engage developers to bring over real casino gaming experience down to mobile phone gameplays.

3D Animation (And the Evolution of Slots)

In the ’90s, game architecture was lousy compared with today’s standards. There were pixelated in-game graphics with awkward motion patterns for characters.

Modern gameplay has evolved tremendously, with great 3D animations Integrated into contemporary games. Nowadays, you can play online slots and poker online anywhere with a significantly higher resolution, better 3D graphics, and sound quality to tag along. The gaming experience on such platforms is top-notch. In case you are looking for one, check out the reviews of the top 10 casino websites, choose a trustworthy and reputable one, and start enjoying. Arguably, the only form of gameplay on par or possibly even superior to 3D-enabled platforms is AR or live-dealing.

Live Dealer Games

Years back, if you had fancied playing at a live dealer, you would have had no choice but to be in a live casino. These days, however, you can replicate much of the same experience with video conferencing.

It’s a welcome alternative, especially if you live far from the nearest physical casino. As opposed to competing with mindless computer programs, you get to gamble alongside real humans and experience the chills and adrenaline pumps that tag alongside.

Data-Driven Gambling

Data mining is one of the more recent significant technological advancements. Nowadays, organizations ranging from tech to entertainment giants dig into their data, run out ETL processes and extract meaningful insights that often have a great deal of business relevance. In the gambling industry, casinos typically mine their custom data for valuable insights on user behavior and tips on improving user engagement and retention.

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Virtual Reality

With progressively increasing accessibility and preference for virtual and augmented reality gaming, it shouldn’t be surprising that VR is about the next phase in the evolution of online casino gaming. More and more casinos are constantly shipping out VR game builds. Developers are equally starting to optimize for the blockchain.

Virtual Reality games are about the next best alternatives to deal with. You would often feel as though you were immersed totally in the game.

Various Payment Gateways

Aside from optimizing gameplay experiences, tech has greatly influenced how people get to fund their accounts and withdraw winnings in gambling. Gone are the days when you had to compulsorily make cash deposits or wait for almost a week before you get credited your earnings. With a few clicks nowadays, you can take care of all outstanding transactions with credit cards or fintech services. In order to enjoy one of these services, see the reviews for fastest withdrawal online casino Australia where a player can find fantastic gameplay while being sure of safety and security.

In addition, the best online casinos have already warmed up to cryptocurrencies as auxiliary payment options. Players are often encouraged to pay with these payment methods by benefiting from discounts and free spins upon adoption.

Blockchain Technology

Blockchain technology blockchain banks on the concept of distributed ledgers to ensure the decentralization of web-based applications. Cryptocurrencies are one of the outstanding applications that bank on this emerging tech.

Online casinos that have explored blockchain have experienced quite remarkable success. One notable blockchain application in online casino regards the enhancement of intensive gambling. This was once a nightmare for gambling platforms. Nowadays, however, neomodern casinos have their loads balanced and distributed successfully across several servers reducing concentration on just some of them.

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More casinos are expected to embrace the blockchain in the fall of 2022.

Artificial Intelligence

The era of AI is upon us. Not exempting gambling, all industries would be influenced in one form or another. As it is, from AI-backed chats to OCR engines, there has already been early stage AI deployment in the gambling industry.

One could typically find AI plugging away in not-so-obvious areas. For example, recommender engines typically bank on machine learning – a superset of AI – to predict players’ preferences based on previous data.

So, the next time a platform recommends a game you eventually enjoy, you can be sure that there’s a predictive modeling algorithm at work.

How to Meet the Mobile Gambling Demand?

Nowadays, with just a few clicks, people can wager on their preferred casino apps and need not go to sports betting shop all that way. To have any shot at competing, betting shops must adopt solutions that allow for convenience by veering into mobile gaming apps.

Betting shops could consider introducing digitized kiosks. Such could engage extras that take gambling one notch above what gamblers could get playing via a gambling app alone.


Gambling is a necessary form of entertainment. It’s only natural that it banks on advances in technology to bring improved access and better online gaming experiences to players. From AI to VR, the modern tech revolution has not only improved accessibility to gambling platforms and virtually eliminated the bottlenecks previously encountered in gambling at casinos.

Considering the whale of developmental changes to the current state of technology, no one can reasonably predict the future of the online gambling market.

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