Tim Harrison’s Top 5 Winter Olympic 2022 Moments


Unless you’ve been burying your head under the sand since birth, you know about the Olympics. The world’s largest multi-sport event where athletes worldwide flock to the venue to compete. 

You should also know about the Winter Olympics if you know about the Olympics. Both of these events occur once every 4 years. And so, the excitement is always through the roof. The Winter Olympics 2022 was wrapped just a few days ago, so the memories are still fresh. 

To reflect on some of those memories, we have Tim Harrison with us. He’s a betting expert from BetZillion. He will share his top 5 moments in the Winter Olympics 2022. 

As Tim is a betting expert and we’ve invited him over, he would be unlikely to come empty-handed. Thankfully, he comes bearing gifts. The list of bookies with Skrill as a deposit option! Tim knows how popular a payment method Skrill is in the UK, and he also knows how passionate you are about betting. It’s a win-win situation for all! 

Now that you have kept the gift safe let’s go right into Tim’s top 5 Winter Olympic Moments. 

Tim Harrison’s Top 5 Moments on Winter Olympics to Aviation Analysis Wing

Tim always has to be on top of world affairs as a betting professional. As the Winter Olympics is one of the biggest events on Earth, he had to follow the entire program quite meticulously. 

It’s especially important for him because the UK is a properly regulated online gambling jurisdiction. And it’s worth billions! Literally, as of 2020 alone, the betting industry in the UK is worth over £59.8 billion! It’s all been possible thanks to the amazing initiatives from UK Gambling Commission, the designated iGaming regulator in the country. 

Enough background on Tim. Here are the 5 moments you’ve been waiting for!

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Remi Lindholm’s Painful Adventures 

As the very idea of the winter Olympics is based on the sports played on ice and snow, it’s obvious that skiing is one of the games. Remi Lindholm is a Finnish athlete who participated in the Winter Olympics 2022 in skiing. 

On the day of the race, the severity of the Beijing weather compelled the authorities to shorten the 50-kilometer race to 30 kilometers. With everyone, Remi started his race. After about 1 hour and 16 minutes of skiing, he urgently asked for a heat pack. 

All the men reading this post can surely feel how he felt. All the other types of pain are on 1 side, while the groin-area pain is on the other for men. According to Remi, the pain in the nether regions became unbearable near the finish line of the skiing race. As the rest of the body started to warm up from all the labour, the penis area remained cold. Hence, the heat pack. 

Although very painful for the victim, Tim found this a unique moment for the Olympics. Nonetheless, it’s a great story for even Remi Lindholm to tell his family and the upcoming generation. 

The Dance-Off Between Yuzuru Hanyu and Bing Dwen Dwen 

If you’re not aware, Bing Dwen Dwen is the official mascot for Winter Olympics 2022. And Yuzuru Hanyu is a figure skater from, you guessed it, Japan. 

When it comes to winter sports, very few beat figure skating in terms of required skills and their masterful display. On a surface that’s hard to walk on, the figure skaters go above and beyond to entertain the judges. 

In one of those displays, the 2nd top moment for Tim happened. The mascot Bing Dwen Dwen joined Yuzuru in the ring. The chunky panda couldn’t hold its ground for very long and fell on the ice! It created quite the atmosphere on live television and the personnel present in the venue. 

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It will certainly go down as one of the funniest moments in the Winter Olympics history. And Tim Harrison wants to commemorate it with you!

The Will Smith Tribute from the Wackiest Genie

If you’re still recovering from the latest Oscar drama where Will Smith “smacked the sh*t out of Chirs Rock,” Tim has a Winter Olympics 2022 moment to go with it. 

Remember the 2019 live-action fantasy film “Aladdin” featuring Will Smith as the genie? Of course, you do. Do you remember the song “Friend Like Me”? You should. 

The next top moment for Tim Harrison in the Winter Olympics 2022 was when Georgian figure skater Moris Kvitelashvili used the song for his performance. Not only that, he showed up as the Genie with all the face and body paint

The performance was ironic and hilarious at the same time. But Tim cannot help but agree that Morisi packs some severe punch in his figure skating. 

Interestingly, this is not the first time Moris Kvitelashvili has pulled this stunt. He did the same thing back in the 2020 Rostelecom Cup in Moscow. Talk about madness on repeat! 

Kamila Valieva’s Silent Short Program

Tim Harrison’s list seems to have been taken over by figure skating incidents. It is yet another one, and this top moment’s subject is Kamila Valieva, a Russian figure skater. 

Even during her performance at the Winter Olympics 2022, she was in the middle of a drug-abuse investigation. Tim has listed this as a “silent” performance because the designated commentators on that day went off the mic. There was nothing but absolute silence. And, of course, the cheer from the crowd. 

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Later, commentators Johnny Weir and Tara Lipinksi shared their disapproval. They’re not happy that the authorities let Kamila perform during an ongoing investigation. 

Erin Jackson’s Blazing Fast Gold Medal

After almost 30 years of solace, the USA saw yet another gold medal in speed skating through the hands of Erin Jackson. The last time the USA won a medal for speed skating was way back in 1994. Erin filled the void, but she also became the first black woman to win in speed skating!

Does it require further explanation from Tim about why this is one of the top 5 moments in Winter Olympics 2022 for him?

Tim Harrison on Safer Betting Practices 

As we have a bona fide betting guru, it would be foolish to let him go without sharing some tips. As he already shared his list of Skrill betting sites, you can use these tips on them. 

  • Always look for the license first. It must be a license from the UK Gambling Commission
  • Verify that the bookmaker has the sports and the markets you’re most comfortable with
  • Look for promotions because promotions are the best way to boost morale as well as the bankroll
  • Compare odds on multiple sites. Don’t jump into the first one you find

Wrapping Up 

If you are an active bettor in the UK, you must’ve utilized all the amazing markets offered by the bookmakers. If not, you can always target the next one, although it’s 4 years away. But you can always bet on other events following the tips Tim Harrison from BetZillion has shared on our platform.


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