The Turkish dean was expelled after six months of protest from his universityجامع

The Turkish dean was expelled after six months of protest from his universityجامع
Turkish law enforcement officers clash with students who are protesting Erdogan’s appointment as their university’s main champion.AFP photo

More than six months of protest by students and teachers was successful: the dean of Bosphorus University in Istanbul was dismissed. Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan announced, in the Official Gazette, Thursday, the resignation of Melih Bulu. No reason was given.

Students and faculty have protested daily since the beginning of January against what they saw as a political appointment. Polo was a candidate of the ruling Justice and Development Party in the 2015 parliamentary elections. He had no affiliation with the university.

Democratic Traditions

According to the students and teachers, the appointment violates the democratic traditions of Bosphorus University, one of the most prestigious universities in Turkey. The only time someone from the outside was put out was after the coup in 1980. Moreover, the rector was always someone from the inside, chosen by the faculty.

According to opponents, Polo also lacked scientific standing. “As a scientist, it is nothing,” sociology professor Tuna Toyoko said in January. de Volkskrant. “No one knows him.”

He said Polo’s English proficiency is poor – not useful at an internationally oriented university. Moreover, thanks to the plagiarism program, he quickly fell into the basket. “It turns out that paragraph after paragraph of his thesis was copied,” Tuyucu said. “He was very clear. He is totally incompetent.

With Bolu’s arrival, students and staff feared that Erdogan wanted to tighten his grip on the academic world and rein in the traditional Bosphorus University.

daily protests

Since the beginning of January, the day after the appointment was announced, faculty and students have lined up daily on the central campus of the campus, with their backs turning to the president’s office. Every now and then he would appear at the window to wave to the demonstrators. Lessons continued all the time.

At first, the police cracked down on the protesting students. After that, only the campus was fenced off; Strangers can no longer enter the building. The government has repeatedly claimed that “terrorists” have mingled with the protesters. The authorities have also taken steps against expressions of sympathy for and with the LGBT movement.

It is not known who will succeed Polo. Vice-Rector of the university Mehmet Naci Ensi is acting at the time.

Six months of university protest

Over the past year, it has been brewing among students and faculty at Turkish universities. All this thanks to the appointment of Melih Bolu as dean of the Bosphorus University in Istanbul. President Erdogan single-handedly passed the appointment on January 1.

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