How to Optimize and Organize PDF Files Through PDFBear

Most of the students and office workers use PDF or Portable Document Format file when saving their digital files on any device, whether on the computer, tablet, or cellphone. Perhaps, it’s because of its easy to share, read, and print features, letting everyone access their files without alterations. Or, maybe because their teachers or employers require PDF as the primary file format for their school’s or office’s presentations and paperwork.


For whatever reason it serves best, there’s no doubt PDF is the most utilized form of document as of writing. However, PDFs can be pretty challenging to handle due to their tamper-proof feature. As such, it can’t be altered and changed something on its content once saved as PDF. But, thanks to the continuous advancement of technology, online platforms are developed and designed mainly to manage and handle PDF documents.


That mentioned, PDFbear is one of the best examples when it comes to these web-based services. This all-in-one PDF platform is best known for its tools and services to help manage and organize PDF documents for absolutely free. Plus, it offers numerous features that will let users optimize and handle their documents conveniently. To understand more about how this PDF platform works, read on and discover it yourself!

Fix Damaged and Corrupted PDF Documents

Fixing PDF files can be pretty tricky, significantly if one or multiple of your documents have been damaged and corrupted for unknown reasons. Luckily, PDFBear is there to help you handle such problems. This platform offers a repair kit to help repair PDF and recover the crucial information encoded on particular corrupted documents.

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On top of that, PDFBear’s repair kit can be accessed for free and is among the PDF tools out there which are capable of fixing your documents in just a few seconds. So, if you want to recover your corrupted file or restore your damaged PDF and bring it back to its workable condition, you better avail of this efficient repair kit before your file can be worst.

Reduce Large-sized PDFs

Having one or more PDF files that are too large to upload on cloud storage sites such as Dropbox or Google Drive can be frustrating. Thus, now is the perfect time to avail of PDFBear’s resizing tool if you want to handle these files conveniently. With this feature, you can now reduce the size of your large PDF up to the smallest size possible.



As such, you can optimize your PDF file and resize it according to what you want by just using this efficient web-based tool. Thus, whether you want to reduce your file size by up to half or compress it by 70 percent, PDFBear can efficiently do it for you. Moreover, since this platform is based online, you should always secure a reliable internet connection to enjoy this compression tool without any problems.

Split PDF Files Into Individual Documents

Now, let’s move forward to PDFBear’s organizing tools. That said, let’s start with the platform’s split or extraction tool. If you’re wondering what kind of tool it might be, this feature is a great helping hand if you want to split some parts of your file from the original document.

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Extracting PDF pages is beneficial when you wish to take some essential pages from your file. As such, rather than highlighting these vital parts, you can just split them from the original document and save them on your computer.

Combine Two or More PDF Files

Another efficient PDFBear’s organizing service is the merge or combines PDF feature. This tool is a great helping hand in combining multiple PDF files and make them into a single PDF document. Moreover, using this PDFBear tool is fast and easy. In fact, you won’t encounter difficulty in navigation because the people behind this platform made the platform’s interface as user-friendly and straightforward as possible.


Furthermore, anyone who uses the PDFBear’s merging tool will have to follow four easy steps. Once you have successfully finished the step-by-step procedure of combining your files through this platform, you will get the output that you need in just a few minutes or less.


Thanks to PDFBear, optimizing and organizing PDF files becomes easy, fast, and convenient. Besides its free access and easy-to-follow procedure, this online platform is the best tool you can ask for when it comes to efficiency and precision. Thus, if you also want to enjoy the advantages PDFBEar can offer, handle your PDF documents right now using its tools and services.





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