Guy Pearce and Carice team up on a new movie

Guy Pearce and Carice team up on a new movie

Jay Pierce keeps the role of girlfriend Karis Van Houten in his directorial debut. The two teams team up once again in the new psychological thriller movie Poor boy.

Jay is mainly acting, but he will soon be out for the first time. The intent was for Carice to get a role in the movie, though she almost stopped acting because of it Game of thrones! “Karis is a great actress and every time I work with her it’s a great experience,He tells the Australian magazine Who.

Poor boy

The Famous Hollywood Star souvenir, He’s hoping to get his girlfriend out soon, but he also wants to play a psychological thriller role. Poor boy It follows a seven-year-old boy who discovers he is not what he thinks. We can’t wait to see Carice again in a dramatic role, because that’s what she does. Recently seen in the anticoagulant series Red light.

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Amsterdam and Australia

Jay and Karis got to know each other while recording matchesThat won the European Oscar. They now pretty much live together in Amsterdam. They also have a son, Monty. “Monty now attends kindergarten and we live a good life together. But I still live one foot in Australia and I will never give it up.

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