GogoPDF Guide: The Best Online PDF Converter in 2021

As technology is gaining ground, documents are essential to enhancing living standards, mostly when almost everything is being held and conducted online. Utilizing electronic documents and files is not advanced as it has been used and has been part of everyone’s lives since the start of the digital world.

Documents are commonly utilized to put down articles, researches, letters, and more. Therefore, a Portable Document Format, usually known as PDF, is the most favored and utilized file format. It produces multiple features commonly for any file and template format, making it straightforward for most users.

What Is GogoPDF?

GogoPDF is an online-based converter tool that can turn any file format into different kinds of documents free of charge. It’s a straightforward converter tool for any PDF conversion needs. It gives PDF to Excel, Word, PPT, HTML, JPG, PNG, and vice versa. However, the feature that users utilize the most is its Word to PDF online converter.

GogoPDF also provides services like Merging, Compressing, Splitting, Compressing, Unlocking and Locking of files, Repairing, and so much more. There may be many conversion tools on the web, but only a few can only be relied on, and one of them is GogoPDF. It’s SSL encrypted to make sure no harmful criminals can access your files and accounts.


There are only easy steps to follow. First, of course, you can always use and convert your files into any format you desire. But, first, only upload your selected file into the designated toolbox that you want. GogoPDF will immediately start the conversion process and wait for a few seconds as it will not take that much time to finish before you can save it.

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Convert Word Document to PDF

As stated, converting a word document into a PDF file is one of the most used on GogoPDF’s network. But, there will always be a time wherein you have to transform a word document into PDF format for the specific grounds that some PDF files can still preserve or keep the original form no matter what device or gadget is being utilized.


Several Microsoft Word documents are also not uniform with some operating devices. Transforming a PDF file into a Word format is more practical and reliable for scanning, reading, and printing important documents, making this specific converter valuable. With the power of GogoPDF, it will be an excellent guide for converting files straightforward and light.


The first thing to do for the conversion is to process GogoPDF’s network and look for the Word to PDF tool. After that, upload the file into the converter toolbox, or you also have the option to drag and drop the file for a much straightforward technique. The tool will immediately start transforming before downloading it to your computer.

Convert PDF Files to PowerPoint Presentation

Transforming a particular file into a PowerPoint presentation can notably make the document more presentable and lively. Users can add more images, shapes, texts, and so much more alterations as long as they want and be creative with their work. Powerpoint will make your presentation not dull, and indeed, you can always add your personality to your project.

Convert PDF Files to Excel

Several documents are better in an Excel format. This setup is great for records, sales, records, students’ grades, and the likes. However, it’s more used in the corporate world, and GogoPDF can aid your workload quickly and conveniently. Therefore, it’s a better option for an online converter to convert your PDF documents into Excel format.

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Repair and Merge Files With GogoPDF

Another best feature of GogoPDF is the Repair and Merge tool. Users can always resize and fix broken or corrupted documents conveniently in just a few clicks! If a specific file is corrupted, it’s outstanding to use the repair tool. This particular tool can help users from repeating everything in the file. Hence, it can save a lot of time.


On top of that, the merge tool is when you want something to be combined or merge multiple PDF files into one file. Moreover, it also has customization alternatives, so you have full power over how you want your file to be managed. GogoPDF merging tool produces an excellent, straightforward conversion process.


There are hundreds of free online conversion platforms on the web, and it would be as blind as a bat if users choose to use other inefficient media. GogoPDF has literally everything you need in terms of transforming PDF files and some particular documents. Plus, there’s also no need to pay any money as it’s free to use and very convenient on any operating device.





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