From now on, the iPhone will help you not be distracted, analyze your gait, and allow you to use the digital keys

From now on, the iPhone will help you not be distracted, analyze your gait, and allow you to use the digital keys

At the annual WWDC conference, which brings together Apple engineers and software developers from around the world, the American tech giant demonstrated improved operating systems for all of its devices. Users will be able to try it out on phones, computers, and other devices already this fall. The most important news of the Apple event was written in a Bitė press release.

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“At WWDC last year, Apple announced a historic move to ditch the Intel processor and install its own chips on Macs. This year, the tech giant distanced itself from hardware news and only announced new versions of operating systems. They will especially make it easier to work remotely and communicate And they allow you to keep a close eye on your health or always keep your personal documents with you on the phone.Martynas Vrubliauskas, Bitė smart hardware expert, says the majority of Apple consumers would benefit from such changes.

Distraction Protection on iOS 15

Apple kicked off the presentation with what’s most important to consumers in the context of the ongoing pandemic: features for more efficient remote communication. FaceTime video calls now allow interlocutors to hear you better by offering two microphone modes: noise canceling and a wide range of audio. You can also share the screen with interlocutors, and SharePlay offers to watch a movie, play a game or listen to a song with your friends at the same time. Finally, the FaceTime chat link can be shared and then chatted with users using Android or Windows devices.

Apple also noted a focus problem when working remotely and resting. IOS 15 will introduce a focus feature that will protect against distracting messages. When the phone automatically or manually allows the user to adjust the working environment, only emails will be displayed. Emails and notifications are from work apps, and in your spare time, you’ll only see friends’ messages, not work content. The new message bar will group messages according to their importance and thus protect against distraction”, explains M. Vroblioskas.

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The new iOS 15 will teach you to instantly recognize and use or copy text and phone numbers in iPhone photos. Also, from now on, the Wallet application will be able to store not only payment cards or plane tickets, but also scanned identity documents and digital home, hotel or car keys, which can be operated simply by connecting the phone to a specific lock or handle.

It will turn your iPad into a second computer screen

IPadOS 15 icons now let you run two apps on the screen at the same time, and the shelf feature makes it easy to navigate between different app windows. QuickNote lets you pin handwritten notes into web pages, apps, and other places on iPadOS to help you stay on top of them.

At the time, macOS Monterey PC focused on connecting with other Apple devices. Universal Control allows you to control the iPad using your computer mouse and keyboard. Many documents or other data can be dragged from your Mac to the iPad or vice versa with the mouse, freeing you from Cumbersome file transfer process. It is also very convenient that the AirPlay function in Mac now allows you to stream photos or movies from your iPhone or iPad to your Mac,” said the smart device expert.

The expert also notes that new iOS 15 innovations – focus environments, improved FaceTime and SharePlay – have been ported to the new macOS and iPadOS operating systems. macOS will also launch a redesigned Safari browser that lets you group and sync tabs with your iPad and iPhone.

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The Health app will analyze your gait

“One of the biggest innovations is that the sensors on the iPhone will be used to analyze gait and assess collision risk. When the user’s balance and coordination deteriorate, the system will warn him about it and offer various exercises. Vrubliauskas “Users will be able to share movement statistics and various health indicators collected on their iPhone or Apple Watch with others – this is especially useful for those who want to monitor the health of parents or older relatives,” says M.

The biggest innovation in watchOS 8, Apple’s smartwatch operating system, is related to health as well. Complementing the breathing training app is the Mindfulness Extension – it provides simple tips on how to relax. There is also sleep analysis – breathing rates are calculated and sports activity tracking is completed with Tai Chi and Pilates poses. According to the smart device expert, among other improvements to watchOS 8, the brightest are photo disks and more convenient writing of messages.

The American company has also upgraded its Apple TV – when parents, grandparents, children or a group of friends gather on the TV, the Apple TV must select content that pleases everyone based on their viewing habits.


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