Dinosaur bones were found in Australia, and they are among the largest أكبر

Dinosaur bones were found in Australia, and they are among the largest أكبر

Scientists say they have discovered a new dinosaur دين Ocean In a decade-long study of bones found in Australia. Their research also found that the animal was one of the largest of the dinosaurs.

PeerJ – Journal of Life and Environmental Sciences published the results of the study. The study was conducted by scientists from the Irunanga Museum of Natural History and the Queensland Museum. The results came 17 years after farmers found the bones.

Scientists said that the dinosaur was a herbivore, a type of dinosaur distinguished by its large size.

Meet Dr. Hocknall Stat Bot ‘Cooper’ (Iromanga Museum of Natural History/Distribution via Reuters)

The team calls the new species “Copper,” an abbreviation of its scientific name. They say she lived during the Cretaceous period, between 92 million and 96 million years ago. At that time, the country that is now called Australia was connected to Antarctica.

Paleontologists, scientists who study dinosaurs, estimate that four-legged dinosaurs reached a height of 5 to 6.5 meters in the side. Its length was 25-30 meters. This would make it as long as a file Basketball The length of an ordinary two-story building.

The largest dinosaur species ever lived in Australia. It places it in the top five in the world. The other five largest dinosaurs were found only in South America.

Paleontologists have called the ancient reptile “Australotitan cuprensis.” Australian means “south”. Titan. Cooperensis comes from the name of a small river in the Eromanga region of Queensland. The bones were discovered by a local family on their cow farm in 2006.

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Dinosaur bones are very large and heavy, but also brittle and easy to break. Orthopedic restoration took years.

A team from the Eromanga Museum of Natural History and the Queensland Orthopedic Museum studied orthopedics using new computer technology. Early adopters helped scientists better compare Cooper’s bones with those of other dinosaurs.

The research team stands with a bone from ‘Cooper’ (Iromanga Museum of Natural History/Handout via Reuters)

Scott Hocknell works at the Queensland Museum and is a paleontologist. He said: “To confirm that australopithecus was a different species, we had to compare its bones with those of other Queensland species and all over the world. He said it was a long and difficult process.

Robin and Stuart MacKenzie were working on their farm when they first discovered the ancient bones in 2004. She then founded the Euromanga Museum of Natural History to preserve the finds.

Other dinosaur skeletons and a possible sauropod travel path have also been discovered in the area. Research on these discoveries continues.

Robin Mackenzie is now a paleontologist. She said she expects many international visitors to come to Euromanga once the Australian border reopens.

Scott Hocknoll said that large, carnivorous dinosaurs hunted sauropods. He noted that the bones of this type of dinosaur are most likely found in the area, adding, “We haven’t found them yet.”

I’m Gregory Statel.

Polina Doran published this story for Reuters. Gregory Statel adapted it for VOA Learning English. Katie Weaver was the editor.


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Basketball Zen. A game in which two teams of five players bounce the ball and try to score points by throwing the ball through one of the raised nets at the end of each rectangular field.

Titan Zen. A very big and strong person, company or animal

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